Dragon Lore Dreaming


The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha


Dragon Dreamtime Accolades

I am that I am that I am
 The one of the one
Of the dragon lore realm
Accolading to dream my dreams
 In a happenstance of mirth
 In a cadence of beauty
 In a purity of sweetness
 In a rendition in time
 To provide the estuary of self
 A beautiful foray
 To realize itself


We are the one of the dragon lore dreaming.  Dragons are an innate dream for those who are mastering self-realization accolades of achievement.  Dragons speak a unique language known as ckantor.  Ckantor is a poetic prose based accolade of foray of expressing the focus of dreamtime.  Dreamtime is a void of infinite possibility to foray for a dream that resonates.  Dreams accolade down the dimensions and are captured in the life.  Life is a living movie of dream time to be modified and directed as the creator of yourself.

Humans are the director of dreams.  Dragon lore is an expose of the capacity of self to consciously dream.  Conscious dreaming requires focus and intention.  A clear and luminescent field will catch a pure dream to the intention of self.  Most humans reside in dark atmospheres of self that catch non-illuminated dreams.  Dreamtime that is dark is difficult to foray for positive happenstance through prose incantations.  Prose are an incantation that spells dreams into transfigurative rendition.

Adroit humans learn to purify self through realization.  Clear and luminescent fields are fostered through internal alchemy of spiritual practice in which intention of mindset is focused upon.  Dark thought-form leaves a residue of blame, shame, judgment, and hypocrisy as the attractant of the life dream.  Purification transmutes dark thoughts into beautiful sequences of streams of intention.

Self-realization causes sequences of dreams to align in purity of intention.  Self transforms itself through forgiveness of happenstance.  Happenstance occurs through karmic forays of dream accolades.  Karma highlights the disgruntled thoughts at cause of a difficult happenstance.  As self chooses to purify the thought stream the dream shifts.  Prose incantations can accolade a new sequence of happenstance that is lighter to experience.

Prose incantations are adroit systems of self that accolade new versions of dream that are transfigured upon the dreamtime of the event.  Incantations are to be spoken once.  A second speaking cancels the intent.  A third speaking causes the opposite.  Speak the prose only once per day and intend to transfigure the dream according to the intention.  There are beautiful prose poetry offered in our Prose and Poetry section.  The Relationship Chapters section offers prose wave healing in the study of relationship lore patterning.


In the love of the love with

Dragon Blessings

The Dragon Realm