Dragon Lore Dreaming

Chapter 1 - Prose of Self

The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha


The Banter of the Ckantor

 The banter of the ckantor
Is a message of self
From the dragon lore realm
Accolading the foray of happenstance
Into a new day
Filled with mirth and happiness
Departing the non-sweetness
Filling the life with truth
Sincere to the postulation
Of myself
And my soul


Prose ckantor is banter of self.  Banter is a poetry form of mirth to make light of the happenstance of the day.  Banter is associated with dragon lore dreamtime.  Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self.  Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day.  Girth is the strength required for self to realize the thoughts at cause of the happenstance.  As thoughts are realized they are edited through forgiveness of the issues of the day.

Issues are made light of in banter.  Self realizes best in humor of itself.  Humor lightens the self into transformative gear known as banter.  Banter poetically reposes the lessons such that the self may understand, illuminate, ponder and progress through its accolades of achievement.  Banter can be attuned unto through conscious intention.  Self continually receives banter as a part of its happenstance in its accolades of achievement.  Banter fosters the introspection necessary to realize itself.  The following is an example of banter for those reading this essay.


Banter of Treasonous Union

The beautiful of the one of the system of self is accolading achievement for itself.  The journey is witty and gritty.  The murk and the mire is impure.  The day is grim and the achievement is beholding a sad tale of two who are not well.  The male stands tall in the grass of the valley and cannot find his way.  The female is wandering listlessly in the valley alone and by herself.  The two long for each other but are separated by a stream and a gorge of mountains.

“Oh where is he?” she thinks.  “I can smell her perfume” he says.  She feels less than beautiful and awkward in herself.  He feels adroit and accomplished but lonely.  She is longing for his arms and other pieces and parts unmentioned.  He is longing for her softness and pieces and parts languished over in his mindset.  The two find each other in a tantric foray at night but fail to see one another by day.  The delight of the night prevails and each are focused upon the mission impossible, to find one another by day.

The two adventure into a happenstance nearby.  One is at the market and the other in the garage.  The two fail to meet.   The night renditions into tantric lust with an exaggerated motion of self.  Where are you my beloved?  I must find you soon.  The two happenstance closer at a friend’s party.  They meet but cannot look each other in the eyes.  He gloats that she is too fat.  She gloats that he is too impure.  The two part paths but carry on in the dreamtime foray of tantric system of self.

A second attempt is made for the two to meet.  This time it is another party and she has had too much to drink.   She is funny and adroit and catches his attention.  He is attracted although wonders what is under her brazier.  “Is it a wonder bra or for real?” He thinks.  The necklace of a cross sparkles between her cleavage and he ponders her religious persuasion.  She is the maiden of the night and he pursues her greedily and the two end the evening in a kiss of potion.  The potion is a ckantor to cause a union of two.

The ckantor banters between the two in accolades of treason.  This is a treasonous union of not a divine postulation of hypothesis.  He masks his intention in the non-delight of the plight and pursues another date with her in himself.  The tantric delight is high and the two accolade non-achievement of self as one is rendered in the motion of the potion in the girth and grit of herself.  She is a foray of a disaster but the mindset does not understand this and perseveres in the union by day.

The lust meets his standards and the two host a robust sexual encounter of the non-delight rendition of tantric high.  The anesthesia flows and he fails to notice how tired he is in the morning.  The day follows and he is groggy but satisfied in some sort of daze of a haze of a nightmare he cannot quire see through.  He chooses to attend another party and delights in her as she shows up in sexy lingerie of a red symposium of sultry bangladesh happenstance of wear.  The jewels glitter between her breasts enticing him to another happenstance of sex.  The two adjoin like vacuums of self into another lustful foray of plight.

The self of the self within knows it is in for a disaster and attempts to transfigure the dream into a new accolade of something.  The dream falls short leading to another day of misty un-adroit perseverance of non-achievement of himself.  The self is seeking union and nothing divine is possible in the current happenstance.  The self withdraws and accolades dis-achievement until the relationship ends.


Banter of Twins

The male and female twins are united in a forensics rush of happenstance of girth.  The twins meets in a foray of a workshop of spiritual pursuit.  The two dance together around and around until it is understood that the union is right.  The union requires a rendition of dream to foster.  The two are each married and in union with another.  Twin law rings and the two are happenstanced into a new circumstance with each departing their former spouses.  The two happily unite finding their way into a new homestead of self.  The two achieve self of the self of the union divine which is a rapturous moment of self.  The union is deep and the work is steep for the union is not sustained through and through.  Something is blocking the union from repeating and the two adjoin in an argument or two.

The self of the self within each banters to make light of the dark and find their way out of their plight.  There is nothing more difficult than twins in disunion; so get over it and find a place within to make peace, their selves banter back.  Make peace with yourself for you are not at peace within and are accolading disachievement of us.  We are not here to dis-achieve but to find our way to increasing union of self.

The two find their way into a state of mirth and laugh about the foray of the difficulties between them.  The two gaze into each others eyes and cause a happenstance of a union divine to ignite in a heart accolade of self.  The hearts meld and the two foray a beautiful rainbow of self in self in self in the one of the one of themselves.  The union is beautiful and lasts only a day and the two are at it again in a foray of disastrous treason of self.

He recites a prose from an essay or two to rendition the dream back into synchronicity of self.  The prose transfigures not and the dance accolades into a system of failure of the two.  The two part for a time only to find that it is not really the foray of the day.  They love each other but cannot seem to find a harmonious moment between them.

What is causing our disharmony? They each ponder.  Soon insights flow and they each share of their introspective moments to discover a common thread of karmic happenstance to render.  The karma is forgiven and the two ponder their plight as the disharmony continues through the night.

The morning breaks and the two snore away as the dawn passes into daylight.  They harmonize best while asleep and the mindset that is in discord ceases to disturb their peace.  The two awaken and feel better arranging a breakfast of treats and foray for a tantric day in bed.  The union is divine and the accolade sweet and the self of the self within each ignites again into bliss in the retreat.


Dragon Summary

The two of the two is a precarious notion of rendition of self.  Self accolades for twins or counterparts to ignite the divine flame within.  The divine flame flows between the self of the self within in delicious moments in time.  The moments allow self and the body to renew and regenerate.  The renewal leads to a syncronistic dream accolade of achievement.  The achievement is reflected in the momentous occasion of a union divine that allows for a blissful encounter of the two.

Those in precarious dis-synergistic union accolade dis-achievement of self.  The dis-achievement fails to renew self and may render spirit and the energy field.  The shattered field leads to moments of non-bliss, discord, despair and overall tiredness each of which is a reflection of a dis-syenrgized state.  Dis-synergy is so commonplace that some confuse lust for union and retain relationships that are not hopeful to the goal of self matery.  Self that cannot master retracts.  As self retracts dreams are lost and renewal fails to occur.

Self may be non-present in one happenstance and present in another.  If there is a difficult union, self may choose not to be present but may accolade synergy in the work happenstance or in other encounters of a fortuitous kind.  Fortuitous happenstance ignits a foray of synergy between the two or the group.  Synergy allows self to realize and the field to revitalize itself sometimes accolading into rapturous moments in time.

Dragons participate in a dance of self as spirit. Spirit accolades to self to ignite a union between the two as the field flows in synergy within itself.  Some are gifted at synergizing alone or with nature.  Many may resonate most with dragon dreaming while out in the wild spaces of earth.  Those who cause synergy in friendship or partnership will discover dragon dreaming interludes that foray for a beautiful dream in the life.

This is the first essay to discuss dragon dreaming for those choosing for self-realization.  We are here and we support you in your truth of the Dao and Tao within.  We are here to ignite a motion that restores the self of the self within and to carry each willing to new heights of mindset and development.  The following prose is a gift of a dragon blessing.


In the love of the love within

The Dragon Realm

Lilliya Nita

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