The Flower of Life Research organization was created to disseminate the teachings of the merkaba, sacred geometry, (as originally presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek) as well as the opening of the heart. We also provide methods to integrate the left brain (mind) and the right brain (heart/feeling/intuition) into a fluid understanding of the cosmos that is not only intellectually understood but also tangibly experienced. These teachings help inspire individuals to remember who they really are and to find the courage to expand beyond their limited views of themselves. Each human has a unique talent which, when discovered, nurtured, and truly lived, changes our own personal world. By living that pure true self beyond our limited beliefs, we slowly change the world around us into an experience of higher intention, greater freedom and possibility.

Have you ever wished that you could FEEL your connection to the universe rather than just visualize it? Through our teachings of sacred geometry, we introduce the student to ancient esoteric teachings given around the world for thousands of years. These teachings, based on sacred geometry, illustrate for the left brain how there is truly only one consciousness, one spirit, one God, and that we are all part of that oneness. After the mind understands this concept, we then teach the student a 17-breath merkaba meditation that will allow he or she to feel and experience this unity of all life. The left and right brains suddenly awaken to this universal truth and the heart begins to put this truth into action.

Seeing and feeling this unity of life clearly within every aspect of our lives is very important. Both sides of the brain begin to move into harmony and balance, and this kind of balance aids the heart in opening. Experiencing this universal unity also integrates the heart and mind, which weaves peace and balance into all corners of our being. Harmony and balance opens windows in our mind, our heart, and our spirit. Without divine unity inside of us, these windows of inspiration are rarely available. Internal unity opens a doorway within us and allows prana or "divine balanced life force energy" to enter the innermost channels of our physical being. It begins a process of inner healing and rejuvenation that affects our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.






What is the Flower of Life symbol?

The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.

In the Flower of Life course, the Platonic Solids are studied as they relate to the human body and the nature of consciousness leading the student to not only an intellectual understanding of the universe, but an experiential awareness of "God" and a feeling of connection to All That Is.

The Platonic Solids are important because they are found in the rudimentary construction of organic life, as well as music, language, and consciousness itself. In the Flower of Life workshop we show how these building blocks of life called the Platonic Solids serve as templates through which the foundation of all life everywhere can be expressed. Once this is understood, the importance of the Flower of Life becomes apparent as a totally integrated expression of "God" or "All That Is."

The Flower of Life is a universal template with many lenses. When placed over the face of a common or ordinary circle or sphere, the Flower of Life maps a window into the unity of infinity and turns the ordinary into a revelation of the extraordinary.

Looking into the window of the Flower of Life challenges us to unify our mind, heart, and spirit. When we can truly see all life woven so intimately, we strengthen the embrace of the divine in our lives and we can transform our world through the vision of universal unity.

Where can the Flower of Life symbol be found?

The Flower of Life symbol can be found in various locations around the planet. No one knows for sure how old this symbol really is. We can get an approximate idea of a minimum age from the middle Osirian temple at Abydos, Egypt, where the symbol is found.

The middle temple at Abydos is much lower in elevation than the other two temples. The temple was buried at the time the pharaoh Seti I was constructing the other two temples at Abydos. It is notably different in its construction. Utilizing large granite blocks and amazing precision, this temple is unlike any other Egyptian temple architecture except for the temple by the Sphinx.

The FOL pattern was placed upon the granite siding of this temple. It was not carved into the granite. It seems to have been burned into the granite or somehow drawn on it with incredible precision.

The FOL symbol has also been found in Masada Israel, Mount Sinai, and many temples in Japan and China. Recently it has been found in India and we heard a report that it was found in Spain as well.






What is the value of the Flower of Life symbol?

In modern times, the Flower of Life symbol has not been thoroughly studied and has been researched by very few people. The FOL symbol has a vast number of hidden potentials available within it. One needs an open mind and infinite humility in order to uncover its secrets. When used with humility, respect, and open mindedness, the FOL symbol can serve you for a lifetime as a mirror into which you can view your limitless potentials.

From the models within it, the Flower of Life symbol has the ability to demonstrate how all things come from one source and are intimately and permanently woven together. When this is experienced, it has a profound effect on an individual. But first, one must learn to open one of the windows of the Flower of Life and peer inside.

To open these windows of understanding, one needs some tools to "dig" the information out of the unknown. These tools come in the form of templates. A template is like the "sifting screen" an archaeologist uses to separate soil from important artifacts hidden within the earth. Each template or sifting screen is especially useful for a particular branch of knowledge. Some templates can be used for more than one discovery, while others have to be used in conjunction with two or more templates in order to open an additional window of information.

If you were told that, "All things come from one source," you might just agree. However, there may be a part of you that is inclined to say, "How?" Until you can see how it all fits together, you may need stages of understanding to help you see and digest the whole. Using these templates or sifting screens will help unlock each branch of knowledge within the FOL symbol and expose a wider vista of latent potentials woven within you and within all things.

One could say that the FOL symbol has the total universe within it, but unless one was shown step-by-step how it is possible, it would be easy to disbelieve it and view the symbol as just another "thing." The act of integrating all the available templates and branches of knowledge together within the unity that the FOL symbol evokes will begin to heal the cracks and fractures of our chaotic world. Humans are conditioned to dissect, judge, separate, and tear down our reality. This fractures or cracks the unified reality of which we are all a part. Seeing unity and nurturing it will heal the cracks of separation and strengthen our relationship with the divine in us all.

The Flower of Life symbol is being released once again into the consciousness of humankind. This helps to give us a model of unity amongst diversity, which we so desperately need to heal the fracturing reality we see around us. It is time to surrender to the unity that surrounds us. Our inherent unity was once unseen and ignored, but now we have the understanding, templates, and tools to truly see its existence and embrace this unity in our lives.






Opening the Windows of the Flower of Life

To open a window into the realm of the Flower of Life symbol, we need a starting point. This starting point will uncover one of many possible entrances to the esoteric world within this symbol. Let us begin by using a Cascading Circular Template to reveal the hidden geometry within the Flower of Life symbol.

The Cascading Circular Template is one of the most commonly used templates. It is the basis for additional templates that take the seeker even deeper into the esoteric meaning of the Flower of Life. The Cascading Circular Template can be created by the use of a compass with an attached pencil. Use the same size diameter for all of the circles. Begin by using your compass and drawing one circle with approximately a two-inch diameter. See figure below




Please note that each line, angle, or circle has a wealth of knowledge associated with it. Sacred geometry relates to proportions and relationships. It is not just arbitrary lines on a page.

Once you have drawn the first circle, mark a dot at any point on the circle. Center your compass on that point and draw another complete circle. See figure below




The proportion created by these intersecting two circles is called a Vesica Pisces. This is one of the simplest sacred geometry forms. It has been depicted around the world at sacred sites, most notably at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.

Find a point at which the second circle crossed over the first circle and place your compass there to create a third circle. (It doesn't matter if you choose the upper or lower point). In our case we will use the upper crossing point. See figure below




Create the fourth circle in the same manner as the previous circles at the newest crossing point. See figure below




Continue on by creating the fifth, sixth and finally the seventh circle. See figures below




Upon completing the 7th circle, you will be at the Seed of Life stage or the Genesis Pattern. This stage creates a tube torus. See figure below




To unfold more of the template we must continue on to the next stage.




The Egg of Life Stage

To continue on to the next stage in the development of the Flower of Life symbol called the "Egg of Life," place your compass point upon the outer crossing points of the circles and draw the same size circle at each of the six places. See figure below



After drawing these 6 new circles, you can erase the previous 6 circles. This would expose a template that is necessary to view a collection of spheres labeled the Egg of Life. See figure below



The Egg of Life is significant because this portion of the template allows us to see the embryonic stages of life. (This is explained more fully in the workshop).

Up until now we have been exploring female geometry, which is based on spheres. This particular configuration of spheres (the Egg of Life) is needed to reveal the first male (or angular) geometrical forms. These particular male geometric configurations are categorized as the tetrahedron, cube, and the star tetrahedron. See figure below



As you will see in the workshop, this process of evolving geometry can be seen as a metaphor that applies to Creation or Genesis. It is interesting to note that in this explanation of Genesis/Creation, the female geometry comes before the male geometry. In fact, the male geometry is dependent upon the female. It is from the female that the building blocks of physical reality are born.





The Fruit of Life Stage/The Third Rotation

Continuing to the next stage in the development of the Flower of Life symbol, place your compass point upon the outer crossing points of the outer circles and draw the same size circle at each of these six places. See figure below



To get to the "Fruit of Life" pattern, draw one more set of outer circles at the outer circle crossing points and complete the incomplete circles. See figure below



At this stage, a new template emerges. This template is called the Fruit of Life stage. The Fruit of Life stage is crucial for mapping out the set of patterns associated with Metatron's Cube. See figures below


"Metatron's Cube" is a template that delineates the Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solids are five structures that are crucial because they are the building blocks of organic life. These five structures are found in minerals, animated and organic life forms, sound, music, language, etc.




What is Sacred Geometry?

When the teachings of geometry are used to show the ancient truth that all life emerges from the same blueprint, we can clearly see that life springs from the same source ... the intelligent force some call "God." When geometry is used to explore this great truth, a broader understanding of the universe unfolds until we can see that all aspects of reality become sacred. Understanding the simple truths of sacred geometry leads to an evolution of consciousness and an opening of the heart that is a next step in the process of human evolution.

True sacred geometric forms never fixate or stagnate on one single form. Instead they are actually in constant fluid transcendence and change (evolving or devolving) from one geometric form to another at their own speed or frequency. These ever-evolving states of geometry mirror the constantly evolving nature of the human consciousness.

Sacred Geometry in its pristine form is constructed of the fabric of conscious transcendent "Spirit Matter". These sacred geometric forms often appear in our dreams and visions. Often they are presented in a rapid-fire succession as if they were hieroglyphs with enormous amounts of emotion and meaning relayed within each symbol. In those cases, it is often not necessary to intellectually understand the meaning behind the barrage of imagery. Our unconscious understands, and it is from there that transformation begins.

Sacred geometry and the teachings of the Flower of Life help us to see within ourselves the vastness of which we are all a part. Many humans have been conditioned to see and believe in a limited perspective of smallness. Elephant trainers of the far east tie a thin rope around the ankle of a baby elephant and throughout their lives reinforce the boundary of the rope. The adult elephant is fully capable of breaking the rope but the elephant has been so conditioned to believe he cannot, that he does not understand his own power to free himself. We are like those elephants, just learning about our self-imposed belief in limitation. Living with our limited perspectives of ourselves, we rarely see past our limitations and, as a consequence, we bind ourselves to our habits. With a little effort, the teachings of the Flower of Life and sacred geometry help us peer through the window of our conditioned beliefs and gaze at the vastness of our true selves and our infinite potential.