Miracle called Wuauquikuna – part 2


It is Sunday evening, outside is foggy, dark and raining. In the living room there is a small lamp, I write and plays my beloved Wuauquikuna. Since I first heard it, it's been for over a year. During that time I bought all their albums and played them countless times. I recognize the individual voices of the Salazar brothers and notice more and more details. The more I play, the more I love them ....

It's amazing that when you buy their albums, you can sign up for Bandcamp that offers their music, and you can write in your profile what you think about the album and which song you like best. This evaluation can be seen directly on the Wuauquikuna website so that not only other fans, but also the Salazar brothers can read it. Immediately after I bought my first albums, I registered and started writing reviews. The world is wondering what has not happened. One morning I made coffee, sat down to my computer and there awaits an email from Bandcamp, where they thank me on behalf of Wuauquikuna! And for what??? That thanks to my profile and ratings, another person bought their album !!! Is not amazing ??? I was absolutely excited !!!! Since then, more thank you mail has come to me and I am incredibly happy that thanks to me, more people have learned about this wonderful music.

Have you ever heard of cymaskop ?? An unreal device that makes the sound visible ??? Just about this topic I could write dozens of articles and also write in time. For the time being, only those who want to know more, I'm putting the web page of the master who invented and built this device. The men named John Stuart Reid, and his site is located here: https://www.cymascope.com/index.html. We tried to build a similar device with a friend that does not reach the quality of the original, but it is enough for our attempts. It took a lot of time to debug the use of materials, speaker, lighting, etc. to do what we needed - made the music visible to the naked eye !!! In order to paint it, what did the interpreter encode in his music.

From the beginning, I felt what their music was doing to me! But when I saw the first video, tears was pouring out of my eyes !!!!! People, that's such a wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the pictures are from Way Of Life, and it paints magically. But every song is unique and we will add more photos and video links over time.

music alivemusic alive2music alive3

With another set-up...

way of life6way of life2way of life3way of life4way of lifeway of life5way of life9way of life7way of life10

Who knows the basics of sacred geometry or at least reads something about it, certainly knows the shapes! Do you see it there? Flower of Life! And not only that! Some patterns almost resemble snowflakes. It's like Masaru Emoto live. :) All you need is just a two-way speaker, a water cup that you put on a membrane, good lighting and a camera and the show can start. I just point out that fine-tuning of all this to make it so beautiful is a lot of work. :)))) So the essence is easy. Vibrations from the speaker will flare up the water in the cup and the water will start to dance with the music flowing through it. When you bring light and a camera you can capture her dance .....

Author: Elaviel