Miracle called Wuauquikuna - part 3

Louis a Fabian2

Greetings, I'm coming up with new pictures, by my niece they look like they're from an electron microscope. She is a biologist and chemist par excellence, so I was very pleased with it, because I knew she liked it. He's right, because when you look at them, it looks like you are seeing the individual particles of water dancing the dance of Wuauquikuna.

So far we have the most beautiful pictures with a digital camera, but zoom makes us some problems, so we have not yet released any videos. The videos are blurred as the camera tries to keep focusing because the speed of water dance simply does not capture. That's why we bought a new camera with automatic zoom selection, which should fix this problem. So soon expect the first photos and videos !!!!

Before that happens, you can enjoy these beautiful images that arose in our quest to make music visible and not just any music, but healing , written from the heart, which brings us Salazar brothers. You can listen to the song we have taken the pictures here: https://wuauquikunamusic.bandcamp.com/album/wuauquikuna-6. It's the second song - Way Of Life. And just by the way - their new album soon will come out !!!! I can not wait!!!! For a little tasting, check out here: https://www.facebook.com/wuauquikunaOfficial/videos/534593393580098/.

PS: They look like beautiful flowers.



Autor: Elaviel