Miracle called Wuauquikuna - part 4

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Geetings after a long time! I'm coming up with the hot news and the promised video! :)

Wuauquikuna finally released a new album - Wuauquikuna 11 !!! It is wonderful!!!! It just resonates in my living room. :))) You can listen to it here: https://wuauquikunamusic.bandcamp.com/album/wuauquikuna-xi-3. If you like the album, you can buy it right there. I would like to point out that we do not sell any of their albums. We are just great fans because we feel what their music does with the emotional field, the healing power and that we want to share with you!

I spent a lot of hours at cymascope and tuning and I think they finally perfect. I want to point out that we have really watched all genres of music on cymascope ..... from brass bands, through children's songs, rock, metal, ska, raggae, techno, pop, ....... and what you will see at Wuauquikuna, you hardly find anywhere ..... Why? Their music is full of emotions and wonderful music using the genuine instruments.

Most of the songs and performers create mostly circular circles. Another spectacle is, of course the mantras, not to mention those sang in sanskrit, or when female voices are mixed with men. Well and Wuauquikuna, it's just a beauty ..... It was very hard to choose which song to play first but the Way of Life was winner because it caught us in the heart ....... Let their music get through you. Tune in and let it touch your heart. In their music, unreal harmony is encoded. For one the sounds of the flutes they have the power to harmonize, second because of their ability to harmonize instruments and their voices and also because of the way they know each other - so they compose directly for themselves so that they "fit". Not to mention that Indian blood is flowing in their veins, so you can feel that spreading traditions is really their life's mission. You can feel love and respect for Mother Earth and all living.

I am incredibly grateful for what they are doing, their music is really a great blessing for me !!!! In this world where there is so little love and understanding among people, I use their wonderful music full of emotions as a cure. In the long years, when I meditate and develop my perception, of course I feel and perceive what the music is doing to us. We made these videos for people who have not yet developed enough to see with their own eyes what music is doing with space around them to feel the chakras the song is focused on and what they do with their emotional field. We've made the music visible to you. Now we let you enjoy the beautiful experience When listening, think of the work of Masaru Emoto from we got real evidence that human vibrational energies - thoughts, words, ideas, and music - affect the molecular structure of water, the same water that makes up more than 70% of the body's mass, the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of water. What will do this wonderful music with your "inner water"? More about Masaru Emoto work here.

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Author: Elaviel