Dragon Lore Dreaming

Chapter 4 - Dragon Dreamers Of Truth

The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha 


Dragon Dreamers of Truth

The dreams
Of the dragon
Are an inspiring journey
Of epic moments
Into the realms of truth
In a stream of light synthesis
Of resounding understanding
Over the introspection of life
And the forgiveness of the plight
Revering each from the perspective
Of the heart


Dragon Dreaming for Truth 
Dragons are a foray of spirit that oscillates in the forensic motions of truth and sincerity of heart. Sincerity of heart is a state of being in which one honors all others in the dreams of life. Sincerity of heart fosters union in the sublime relationships in life. Union fosters a forensic motion of a kindling of love between the two, the family or the group. Sublime relationships are those individuals who are unique and foster a sensation of joy in the presence of self. Joy is an opening unto self to share of itself with others. Self desires to share of its understanding, its awareness, its capabilities of dream weaving, and its capacity to heal and foster the sublime motions of union, love and joy together.
Union together is a rare occurrence in most relationships, families or groupsat this time. Historical notions prove that union and honor are fostered in momentous occasions where dragon lore dreams resound and repose upon human cultures. Today demon dreams resound more greatly upon all human lore fables and dreams. As a result there is little forensic union possible between the two or the many. Those who discover union of the two or a small group are fortuitous in causing the resounding joy of the dance of the dragon through time.
Joy is an oscillation and motion that allows the two or the group to foster the unique expression of each. Honor and union are founded upon the allowance of each to express and share of self. In many group settings, only one to a few are allowed to express while all others foster silence or debilitation of expression. Debilitation of expression is a loss of awareness of self to be present and share. At this time of demon interplay, those with awareness often shut down in the presence of strong willed persona that does not desire to allow others to share in taking center stage.
Expression is a unique state of self to oscillate and allow one and all to share of itself for the betterment of the whole. Dragon dreamers desire wholeness in life. Wholeness theory is a state of being in which the greater good of the group forays for a dream over the individual happenstance ofself. Self is revered within the group wholeness within each who fosters a unique expression of dream. Each expression is necessary unto the whole.The contributions of each summarize a postulation and theory of therequirements and needs of the whole to be fostered in the dream. Each contribution strives to support the needs of the two, the family and thegroup or tribe at large.
Wholeness theory is not new but rarely an available dream for most today. Most groups today foray in non-wholeness theory in which some are provided for at the expense of many. Regions of deep poverty host the more difficult dreams in times of non-wholeness theory of self. We are again entering a time of a postulation of deep non-wholeness that shall translate into less and less possibility of dream for each. Theories of postulation are not new but recurrent themes of dreams for the human kingdom.
Postulations of dreams are forayed for in variant regions in polarity unto one another. Over time the polarities rendition regions from poverty to greed from continent to continent. Today each region is to be expresse deither in wholeness of non-wholeness theory of self. Those regions foraying for dreams of wholeness will cause postulations of enough leading to anoher outcome other than extremes of poverty and starvation.
Theories of self are suppositions of prose that fosters the oscillations and motions to cause one dream over another to be fostered in a given life. Some theories foray for dreams of enough while others foster dreams of lack or impoverishment of self upon an individual basis. Lack and impoverishment are each a theory of non-wholeness manifest within in the lore of life. Lore fables direct all dreams and each has a fable for life fostered through time.
Spiritual pursuits allow healing through forgiveness towards wholeness theory in which the presuppositions of poverty and lack can be overcome in the fable lived. Fables can be edited and renditioned into periods of change as the lore is forgiven at cause of loss or lack in life. Loss and lack is not a dragon nature outcome of dream. Dragons tend to provide for themselves in each foray of dream. Dragons are gifted dream weavers and cast and gather lost dreams to sustain self through time.
Dragons that loss dreams are often dandered in spirit by powerful demons that take so much that less and less is available to be fostered in the life. Eras of large demonic interplay lead to increasing numbers of humans in lack. Those experiencing lack and who are of dragon nature shall learn to foster their resources and gather back unto self all that has been lost to sustain the life in greater ease. Turmoil for dragon dreamers occurs most greatly when a time of non-truth is fostered. Non-truth is a time of insincerity unto self.
As dragon dreamers do too much for demons giving too many resources away, lack is the recurrent theme of self. Truth sustains each in wholeness theory. Wholeness theory never allows one to rise extensively above all others as then there is deep lack that some must experience in counterbalance. Theories of extreme polarities always cause non wholeness theory to be suspended for a time until enough realization occurs to understand the need to relinquish the greed concepts of self and foray for a dream that unites the group into sustainable actions.
Sustainable actions are a theory all of their own. The presupposition of sustainability is a forensic notion that self augments enough to allow each to foster themselves in a dream of enough and the capacity to express the gifts and talents of each in a group foray of dream. Sustainable theory is not a practice of most in this time period. Sustainable theory is a reverence of the whole and a desire to foster the planet along with each in the best possible dream available. The best possible postulation is not one that most choose to foster at this time. Best possible theories only work in sustainable practices of self. Best possible theories outside of sustainable paradigm only lead to greed and the opposing extremes of starvation and lack.
In this time period we are living in the extreme theory of the best possible for only a few and the lack and loss for most. Human dreams foray for a few and ignite possibilities to an extreme only to lead to less and less resources for the whole. The best possible theory has gone into obliteration thought form sequences of dreams leading to the extinction of the whole if not renditioned. Obliteration theory is not necessarily a war torn happenstance. Obliteration theory can occur in increasing misuse of toxic happenstance of self through time.
Toxic theory of self is an oscillation of the non-sublime of loss of spirit. As spirit vacates self, the foray of the dream is fostered of an eco-system that only is concerned with greed happenstance in life. Self inaugurates itself into greater and deeper pestilence of life leading to less for most and an insufficient dream for the planet. The plant adventures into fewer resource sand failure to renew leading to non-sustainable capacities of global forays of dream. As the toxic theory of self dominates, demonic interplay is at its highest possibility as the director of the self of the planet. For the past eighty years, earth has been at her highest possibility of demonic dreaming ever available in her history.
Demonic interplay is to subside with an era of dragon enchantment of self to unfold in about one hundred years in time. As dragon enchantment dreaming is fostered, humans rendition themselves into sustainable practices of self. Sustainable practices of self limit greed in a forensic mission to curb the use of resources and the result is a happenstance in which enough for each can be realized within.
Enough for each is not a happenstance in this time period. Enough for each is a system of self that has long vaporized upon earth to dream the dreams with the human species. Few may find their way into a dragon dreaming community or region that relishes in sustainable practices for the whole.Those that foster dragon dreams of truth and sincere appreciation for each along with the whole will foster a beautiful relationship to the planet along with one another as sustainable dreaming is restored.
Sustainable dreams are available but must be attuned unto and realized within. As enough realize sustainability within, the dreams of the two orthe many can be syncopated into a new formation to inaugurate self to sustain the whole. Self as a group foray is missing in most happenstance outside of some spiritual happenstance of realization. Self with drew following Atlantean era of nuclear rendition of earth. Self has failed to reinaugurate itself unto the whole of humanity for over ten thousand years. Self in a group foray of dream is a unique postulation today but mesmerizing to experience when it does occur amongst those who foster spiritual maturity and awareness in life through dragon dreaming.
Spiritual maturity is a state of being in which there is an understanding of the karmic happenstance that interferes with and in augurates healing unto self. Karma is designed to allow for healing of despair and non-fulfillment of love at cause of lack and strife. Those realizing self choose for forgiveness and love over fear to cause healing of the forensic motions of the biology that syncopate the heart. Syncopation of the heart causes love to fulfill self and heal the body, mind and spirit. Truth is a required motion to syncopate the body mind and soul into a state of forensic motions of love.
Love is an internal sensation of self that is birthed from within. Love outside of self is only a hypothesis until the heart is flowered into the love of the love within. As love within blossoms, sustainable unions and friendships can be witnessed. Love of the love within requires the presence of self to inaugurate. Self becomes lost over time due to many happenstances of strife. Some self never inaugurates to begin with including demonic interplay of dreams for the life.
Demons are self-less and happenstance the dance of companionship due to forensics notions that foster union without love. Demons have no self to open the heart within. Demons can be sexual to sensual along with friendly in demeanor. The demon heart cannot synergize outward with another due to a lack of the challis of the divine. Many who open to the love of the love within find it difficult to remain in partnerships or friendships with demons due to a sensation of injustice to rejection within.
The cause of the sensation of rejection is a lack of synergy of the heart of the two. The heart motions synergize within due to a union oscillated within the challis of the divine. As two that sustain union within ignite a flame of truth together, the love can synergize between the two open heart vessels. Hearts that ignite cause a beautiful display of union of the two as beloveds or friends. Friends who love care for one another for life in dragon dreams. Beloveds that care can synergize a partnership for a lifetime of fulfillment of recurrently joyous union. Dragons oscillate in union in twin or counterpart lore of partnership only and not other lore associated withother archetypal display of affection.

Dragon Fable of Truth

Dennis was an avid football fan of delight. Dennis happenstances many moments in the local sports bar amongst his friends that forayed for a union dreams amongst others of parallel interests. Sue arrived one fateful evening and demonstrated an interest in football. Due to her heightened intoxication of self and beautiful cleavage beneath a shimmery orange dress and long dark hair, Dennis chooses for a date. He walks Sue to the carand manages for a hug that tugs upon his genitals and heart.
Sue looks forward to the date. Dennis calls a few nights later to agree to aspot to meet. Sue is careful to not divulge her personal address due to daterape and other difficult systems of life in this era. Dennis takes Sue to a beautiful and adroit bar and restaurant not upon the football circuit. The two wine and dine, glisten and glow through an evening of conversation. Sue is impressed with Dennis’ good looks and also his potential income. Dennis is desirous of her body more than anything. Another date is arranged a week to follow.
Dennis calls late into the night to talk. Sue spends hours on the telephone with a little phone sex included. The two masturbate from afar after the conversation concludes. Sue is forensically predisposed to lust of Dennis and Dennis is predisposed to the sensations of love of self. The two inaugurate a sensual encounter of libido flash sensations on the second date. Sue with draws before intercourse can occur. Dennis is not surprised and she drives herself home not revealing her where abouts just yet. Dennis hopes for a conclusion of the reverie in an introspection of him self of desireand delight of self. Sue thinks about the monetary possibility along with child rearing hopes and demands given her age of thirty seven. Dennis is afew years younger and this is o.k. with each of them.
Dennis forays for a holiday weekend away feeling the calling and desire to experience the wild outdoors in a cabin atmosphere of his family’s happenstance of pseudo wealth. These appeals to Sue who packs her bags carefully with just the right lingerie under her tight blue jeans and othersports wear of occasion. Dennis is less interested in the clothing happenstance but thinks caringly of Sue in himself. The two choose separate bedrooms as Sue is being careful; but wind up sharing the masterbed on the second night as Dennis had planned in his mind. The two lustfully make love until dawn and then sleep late into the day driving homein the evening together.
Dennis is satiated to the max in a libido sense in his mind; and Sue is planning her wedding happenstance of self in her mind. Dennis is thinking of another holiday and not marriage and in a more tantric boudoir feel. Sueis thinking about how many children and the future house she may live within of beauty due to Dennis’ family comfort if not wealth. Dennis cannot afford the next holiday right away and the two continue to date on weekends and sometimes Sue stays the night with Dennis and sometimes not. In time she brings Dennis to her home for a delightful meal that fosters the menu rendition for his health; and also shows him her cooking skills as a future wife. Sue e-mails him a menu to tantalize his taste buds but Dennis ismore interested in her cleavage than the food as the evening unfolds.
The two dance in the living room to romantic music and drink a bottle ofwine. The love making is divine and Sue orgasms wildly giving her self to Dennis. Dennis happily returns home the next morning to face his work happenstance a little unshaven due to a lack of a good razor in her bathroom. His secretary notices the rubble on his face along with a few hickies upon his neck. Soon the office knows that Dennis is in love with Sue.They all long to meet her at the upcoming Holiday reverie of office pandemonia of get togethers.
Dennis is not clear about bringing Sue as of yet as he is unsure entirely of the union and prefers to retain his privacy. Another union gone unfortuitous over time became an office embarrassment as the former mistress haunted the region with her cell phone and in person until the restoration of the union was purposely declined. Dennis felt not love for his former mistress, only an adroit sensation of lust. Sue was different but he wished to make sure it was not a disturbance factor at work.
Sue knew where Dennis worked but not the floor or office. She respected his boundaries and held her own too for good cause. She was a designer of a factory outlet system of clothing happenstance and was rather purpose fulin her own income. Dennis knew little about the details of her monetary systems of self. He made far less but held a good management position at a local house hold manufacturing company. Sue continued to date Dennis allowing him to pick up most of the cost to suit her own needs of being taken care of.
Dennis proposes one Christmas Eve in deep sincere gratitude of Sue as a future wife. She is delighted at a ring of not great aplomb of diamonds but surrounded by small emeralds is offered. She accepts. The stones sparkle into the night and the two foray for a delightful wedding ahead. Sue is high about the happenstance of marriage and Dennis is in love. Sue is incapable of love but the reverie carries Dennis forth into the commitment of a long term union.
The wedding list increases and Dennis family is not in hospitable but unable to afford such a larger group. Sue volunteers to provide the additional forthe added guests due to her own desire to create a beautiful scene of amatrimonial nature. Dennis is unsure of how she could possibly afford this and requests that her father pick up the tab. Alas her father is on social security and has little savings; her mother having passed many years ago now. She confesses to Dennis that she has savings and makes a lot more than he understands.
Dennis is impressed and also feels somewhat introspective at his own lack of income next to his future wife. He cautions Sue to be careful to create what is needed in times of child rearing and the wedding list is renditioned down one hundred names. Sue is disappointed but chooses to be practical given Dennis’ nature. Dennis is a concrete persona of a man who is practical given his offshoots of blue collar happenstance of life. Dennis plans on climbing the corporate ladder in time matching Sue’s income. Sue has other choices of former partners making larger incomes than Dennisbut prefers the delightful sensations of his presence and sexual-sensual nature over anyone else. The wedding is a blissful day of matrimonial sanctions that cause the two to adventure to a honeymoon of island flair of self.
The romantic encounter hums in the honeymoon dream of the two. A baby is conceived as a love child of Dennis and not Sue. Sue is not anticipating pregnancy and thinks about abortion. Dennis considers this not due to his own Christian upbringing. The child is born healthy blond and blue eyed in male form; and Dennis feels pleased with his new son John. Sue on the other hand struggles with the strife of a new mother desiring to return to work quickly to not miss out on the next designer fare in a big city across the nation. She finds an in-home nanny and packs her bags prior to concluding with breast feeding. Formula is provided but the child struggles to digest in the Nanny’s care. A fever is manifest while she is away causing John to go into the hospital in order to breathe.
Sue feels torn between her work life and motherhood and the issues of the hospital cause her to cease to travel. She feels homebound and not inreverie with life with a child who keeps her up many nights. Herbedraggled appearance does not go unnoticed in the high fashion stance of the company she manages. Sue brings the child to work each Friday so that each may fondle over John. This helps Dennis embrace Sue as the motherof his new family life. Dennis chooses also to watch his son one day per week in the office day care and enjoys his presence at lunch. John splits thetime between the two day cares as the Nanny is released.
As Sam enters pre-school, a private education is sought after. An adroit school is chosen and John fails to qualify for the standards of the tests after the first year. Dennis blames Sue for failing to spend enough time with John early in his life. The nanny and day care failed to create the necessary skills for John to aplomb in the education systems of the gifted.
Dennis often pondered if he should have stayed at home with John given Sue’s income and joy with her work life. Instead Dennis slowly climbs into upper management of his factory and does happenstance more time off work. He now can adventure with his son at soccer and little league practice enjoying the outdoor activities of family life. John loves his dad but fails to exhibit much control over his reactions. Often he is scolded formis behavior at school and occasionally renditions himself into a fist fight as a bully. John is a larger than normal child that can easily put others at school into fear.
One teenage neighbor decides to frighten John in light of how he caused a happenstance of a black eye in his younger brother. John finds himself outleaguedin the skills of karate demonstrated by Keith and winds up on hisass in the mud. John soon decides he needs to learn Karate. Dennis gladly pays for the Karate hoping that the spiritual nature of the eastern skills will spill over on John. The spiritual truth of Karate does have an impact but much of the teachings go over John’s head.
Dennis grows to be deeply spiritual over time due to the focus upon metaphysical studies with a teacher of interest. Sue often attends but is less interested. Special classes are offered for children and John does attend. Often the teacher claims that John’s energy is uncontrollable and she cannot handle him in the group. John is removed from the class. John personally does not appear to care as the classes really did not interest him. Instead he forays for a dream to adventure into a new Kung Fu class. KungFu excites John but the dynamics cause a splintering of the family happenstance of life.
Dennis and Sue are not the happiest of couples nine years into the marriage. Sue spends more time away traveling the country for buying and manufacturing sprees than at home. Sometimes she offers a free air ticket to Dennis and John to join her for a holiday somewhere special such asDisneyworld. The frolic of the family vacation does energize the life of selffor a time, but not the personal union of the two. Dennis spends more timewith John due to Sue’s travel schedule. He discovers in his friendship withJohn a loving teenager. The two open their hearts to one another during aspecial father-son camp. John and Dennis are counterpart unions of fatherson aptitude of self. Dennis feels fulfilled in his experience with John andattempts to share of his love of his son with Sue.
Sue cannot feel love for either her son or her spouse. Soon her adroit sense of sexual pleasure takes her into an affair with a co-worker in New York. The excitement of the city and occasional theater and dining experiences with her new partner causes Sue to relish her time away. She agrees to spend a week a month in New York for various products she is focused upon, or so she says. Dennis fails to see the truth of the happenstance of the journeys away. Sue is good at masking the truth when it suits her and continues in the affair for three years until her New York beloved requestsher to divorce and marry him instead.
Dennis feels intuitively that something is off. The spiritual teacher predicts a separation is soon to occur. Sue chooses to announce her decision to divorce on her birthday in October. John goes into shock. The experience bends John’s mind and his sense of emerging confidence as a teenager in himself suddenly fails within. The spiritual teacher spends many hourscounseling the two and aiding John in healing to allow him to find his center and carry on after a serious suicide attempt. A second attempt is made and John dies in the hospital following a fatal ingestion of drugs.
Dennis is eclipsed. He with draws into himself to understand that catastrophic happenstance of his life in the loss of his wife and then hisbeloved son. He is depressed and feels suicidal within but does not take hislife. Dennis recovers after years of introspection. He chooses to foray for anew partnership. John approaches several dating services along with thepersonal ads. Samsa meets Dennis one dreary afternoon for tea. The twohave many parallel happenstances of difficult marital experiences due to work and money and a loss of love between the two.
Samsa is raising a beautiful daughter who also attempted suicide once. The two understand one another through life trauma. Samsa and Dennis create a sweet marital partnership together a short time after meeting. The daughter Amy becomes a delight to Dennis to co-raise. Soon another child is on the way. A little boy is born and Dennis’ heart mends of the loss of his first son and former wife. A new dragon dream of truth of the the three and soon to become four blossoms.

Dragon Fable of Honor

A lovely and lusty Elizabeth is the bell of the ball. She wins the new model of the year at a local magazine competition in San Francisco. Elizabeth appears both as a male and female in her happenstance of appearance. The adroit fashion industry is pleased to dress her both ways for a glamorous sojourn into the delights of the model foray of life. Elizabeth takes off with front cover shoots of world magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan venue of dream. She is launched instantly into a new found position of fame.
Elizabeth is not anticipating such an extreme life change at the time. She is shy although beautiful and did not exhibit much persona off camera. On camera she appears delightful. In life she was quiet and drab in nature although beautiful to look at in an exotic flourish of self. Elizabeth chooses to foray for a partnership to entertain and enhance her persona. She chooses for someone that can wear her on his sleeve at important gatherings of the rich and famous to appear spectacular to a crowd.
Tiger is a handsome entertainer with comedian flare that is rising in popularity. Elizabeth is not only a good appearance in his midst but also gifted at sensual pleasure. Tiger enjoys many sensual experiences with Elizabeth over the course of a year along with her presence at hisentertainment events and social accolades of occasion. He finds Elizabeth beautiful in bed but boring for more than a short visit. Soon someone elsemore entertaining appears in his venue of scenes and Elizabeth is put offinto the background of Tiger’s life.
Elizabeth feels hurt by the dejection of Tiger. She enjoys his entertaining demeanor and flavor of adroit happenstance of life along with sensual flavor. Tiger falls in love with his next conquest and soon announces hisengagement. Elizabeth is heartbroken and befalls a sad state of depression. She chooses to go on antidepressants but this fails to resolve her issues. If anything the antidepressants only make her numb within.
Elizabeth contemplates jumping from her beautiful apartment on the sixteenth floor of an adroit San Francisco neighborhood. She fails to do sodue to lack of courage. Elizabeth seeks counseling and soon happenstances a new boyfriend who is a psychologist enters is life. Tom chooses to take care of his new and beautiful but quiet and sensual partner. She is too gorgeous almost, Tom thinks. Tom is an overweight New York man of Jewish heritage that analyzes everything and everyone in his sight. Elizabeth is his next project and he spends hours telling her about her self and her complexes of self and how to remedy them due to his care. Elizabeth feels loved and nurtured in Tom’s presence.
The two wed and Elizabeth soon conceives her first child. She is worried about the weight gain given her career. She watches her diet too strictly and the child is born premature. The little girl dies in the hospital and Tom is deeply saddened. He uncovers the issues of weight and the nutritional requirements of child birth and causes Elizabeth to alter her ways for another conception ahead. Elizabeth is not happy having to finish everything prepared for her by a lavish chef that Tom hires specifically too versee her eating habits. Soon Elizabeth gains forty pounds and can no longer foray for a dream for modeling outside of the plus size magazines and appearances.
The modeling agent is aggravated with her sudden weight gain following her loss of child. She appears pregnant upon film even through she has yet to conceive again. The agent forays for a photo shoot in adroit pregnancy clothing. Elizabeth wins the photo shoot and appears magnificent as apregnant woman who is not really pregnant but just the right size for a newline of clothing to overcome the pregnancy blues. The line flourishes amongst wealthier pregnant happenstance of life and Elizabeth conceives another child.
The chef is hired to sustain her dietary requirements for the birth. Elizabeth gains so much weight she can no longer fit into her own line of pregnancy clothing. She stays out of the media to avoid unannounced photos showing up somewhere. Following the birth of a bouncing boy of thirteen pounds named Keven, Elizabeth continues to look over weight and pregnant. She can however now fit in her own line of distinguished pregnancy clothing. She asks the chef now to create foods that allow her tolose weight instead. The diet fails to deliver her desired proportions due tothe rearrangement of the bone structure in two pregnancies.
Elizabeth chooses surgery to rendition her body size to what she desires. It is a specialist of the models that is hired as the cosmetic surgeon. Elizabeth  reshapes her body to the desired a plomb of size, but creates an internal infection leading to blood poisoning. She dies in the hospital as the antibiotics administered are unable to save her. Tom continues to analyze Elizabeth’s saga writing a number one bestseller on the topic of women, their bodies, childbirth and self.
Other women contemplate the need to be thin to be beautiful and there quirement for all the nutrients to produce a healthy child. Tom raises his son to appreciate the beauty of the larger happenstance of the feminine. His son marries someone on the larger size of life who is healthy in the birth of three children. Tom is a happy and content grandfather who continues to analyze everything including his children and grandchildren through old age.

Dragon Summary

Truth is a difficult happenstance to dream in present day circumstances oflife. Truth forays for a dream that meets the requirements of each alongwith the family. Each in the family is thought of as important and sincere intheir own unique manner of flourishing as self. Self expresses throughcountless systems that appear in many biological happenstances of life.
Beauty is not necessarily a desired attribute of self. Beauty of the heart andsincerity of the love is much more appreciated overall by self and spirit ofdragon dreams. The needs of p are not a sincere interest to self; only thedance of love in the life.
Love is a concoction of non-beautification of the physical and a foray of thebeautiful within. Beauty within does rendition the appearance totransfigure into a glow of self. The glow of self can appear as the mostexquisite partner or friend in the moment of the ecstatic state of unionbetween two or more. Ecstatic reunion is one flavor of self as it inauguratesa union sublime between two or more in life. The reunion causes a magicalmoment in time that cannot be anything but reveled within. The revelrysuspends the two or group into a state in which divine attributes of self canappear and aploomb.
Divine attributes of self rendition the field into a forensic motion of joysuspended in love. Joy and love cascade down the field causing thebeautification within and without. Beauty of the love of the love withincannot be compared unto the most exquisite performer of non-love of self.The love of self is an ecstatic state that fosters a beauty divine. Beauty ofthe divine is not happenstanced upon clothing or body size or sexual flavorof self but an internal glow ignited in a state of forensic motion sustained inlove. Sexuality can cause some beautification when derived between thetwo; but long lasting beauty only occurs as love oscillates the fieldrecurrently from within.
Children often enter the world to open the hearts of parents into the love ofthe divine and in a special beautification of self. There are seven gates thatopen at birth leading to the inauguration of self into the new life. As thegates remain open over the course of the first two years, the love of thechild and each parent can co-mingle and be shared without to foster theopening of the challis divine within each. The opening unto the divine witha child is a beautification that can lead to the sensation of the Madonna asthe exquisite mother of self.
Motherhood and fatherhood are special forays of dreams for DragonDreamers of self. Dragons far prefer the union with the spouse and childrenin the beatification of the family than any other happenstance of life. Notall dragon dreamers have the possibility of causing a sacred bond of a familyhappenstance. Often the bond only occurs between one parent and childdue to demon demeanors in the life. Those that rendition the lifehappenstance into a dragon family are lucky and often live together in joyand understanding for a lifetime. For those who are not in dragon dreamswith others, the intention to rendition the life in this direction whileforgiving the demonic interplay of self will cause a new dream to emergeahead.

In the one of the one within

The Dragon Realm



Dragon Beauty

The beauty of the dragon
Lies within the heart
In a never-ending motion
Of the sublime nature of spirit
Inaugurated in the gentile persona
Of the one who loves
And the one who cares
Causing a sensation of fulfillment
Of the love of the love
Opening the challis
Of the divine within


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