Dragon Lore Dreaming

Chapter 3 - Dragon Dreaming from the Heart

The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha


  Dragon Dreamers of the Heart

 The dreams
 Of the dragon
 Are a mesmerizing exploration
 Of plight
 Into the realms of spirit
 In which matter collides
 Into a journey of understanding
 Of the need to forgive
 And be at peace
 Learning the lessons
 Of the heart

The Fables of Dragon Dreams

Dragon dreams are avenues of experience that express the predisposition of self in concise methods of anthology.  Each human has a postulation for a predisposition founded upon a hypothesis of life of archetypal lore.  Hypothesis for each life are contemplated prior to each incarnation to assure a journey of the dragon human into dragon lore dreaming.  Dragon lore dreams presuppose a spiritual journey into the explorations of lessons that lead to understanding, forgiveness and compassionate action of self.  Dreams that support spiritual understanding are special sequences that catch through the life augmenting self-realization.

Most dragon dreamers are born into happenstance of both demon and dragon nature in the family.  Sometimes one parent is dragon in nature.  Many times dragon natured humans are born into those of demonic nature within the entire family foray of dream.  Generally there is someone close by that is dragon in nature that may be a neighbor, aunt, uncle or grandparent if not a parent.  Dragon natured humans cause at least one person near enough to aid in the dreams of childhood and teenage years in support of difficult happenstances of strife.  The dragon natured other may be remembered fondly as a support influence in the early life.

Dragon dreamers postulate many happenstances to understand the life circumstance to cause forgiveness to unfold.  Generally there is deep struggle of polarity of opposite happenstance to cause strife in the early life, the teenage years and the young adult years.  The purpose of the strife is to accolade the path of forgiveness later in life.  The strife is a necessary component to the opening unto realization of self.  Many dragon dreamers do not begin the realization process until the age of twenty-five to thirty.  Today many young dragon dreamers are awakening and are sometimes called indigos in the current human experience.  Indigos often awaken with dragon dreamer parents or relatives that are mastering in parallel in syncopated sequences of dreams.

Dragon dreamers are a special accolade of symphony of sound harmonized in each field.  The sound of the field reposes into dragon accolades of self that chooses to realize itself.  Dragon realization begins as the first symphony of sound reposes within due to birth keys that are triggered at a particular age and sequence of experience.  Often life strife in the mid-twenties or early thirties will trigger the early lessons of dragon dreaming.  As dragon dreaming begins, a rebirth occurs leading to a recognition of the requirement to realize in a spiritual focus of self.  The rebirth recurs in eight year cycles thereafter to witness the levels of realization attained through dragon mastery.  Each rebirth is a journey all of its own, the nature of which will be discussed in later materials in this section.

Dragon realization is a foray of dream that happenstances in times of emerging enlightenment only.  Other time periods upon earth have been primarily demon interplay in nature.  Demonic interplay causes ancestral strife that is to be forgiven in eras of dragon dreaming influence.  This is a special time of the re-emergence of dragon dreaming in which realization of self can be achieved. Self-realization is a metaphor for increasing conscious awareness of the karmic attributes affecting the life dream and the witnessing of forgiveness as a choice to offset dreams of strife.

The choice to realize self is personal.  Not all happenstance of life of dragon humans calls realization to the forefront of the possibility.  Happenstances of realization require adroit awareness of self as a pre-requisite for mastery.  Adroit awareness is the capacity to look inward and perceive and know the truth of the existence of self.  Self-realization is not only a choice but is a capability that is a genetic happenstance of mindset of the biology.  Mindset determines the capacity to witness the infrastructure of self.  Mindset of thulsa and thessa derivative of thought-form is the foundation of development leading to the possibility of self-realization.  Thulsa and thessa mind waves are derivations of thought-form that allow for conscious dreaming.  Conscious dreaming is a state of being that allows for awareness of the unconscious such that the karmic interludes of self and the ancestry can be brought forth and understood.

Mindset is an accolade of achievement in times of dragon realization.  Mindset is a system of synapses and nervous system repose that allows for expanded consciousness to emerge.  The expanded consciousness allows the awareness to grow to understand the larger stance of subject matter presented in the life fable of dream.  Thulsa and Thessa mindset lead to adroit expressions of forgiveness.  Mindset develops beyond this into oska, aliska, sisska, and sesska which lead to compassionate action foray of dreaming.  Advanced mindset principals of viska, vissa, luska and liska foray into the possibility of the divine expression of self.

Each mindset developed catches a particular fable for the dream of the life.  Fables vary depending upon spiritual lessons accoladed to be necessary for spiritual development of self.  Each life is a fable that occurs due to karmic ancestral happenstance.  Each story of each life is unique leading to the possibility of self-realization into forgiveness, compassionate action or the more advanced development of accolades of divine nature.  Forgiveness requires perceiving the bigger picture of the circumstance of self.  Circumstance of self accolades itself into the foray to create the understanding required to forgive.

Forgiveness is a foray all of its own that synergizes self and spirit into a dream of achievement.  The achievement causes compassionate action to be witnessed as a behavioral sequence of dream in further mindset development.  Compassion is a stance of the humane treatment of all in the life.  Human treatment causes love to be present for each regardless of happenstance.  Loving those that have caused experiences of strife often is difficult.  Mastery of compassion is an accolade of sincerity that is mastered into divine accolades of self.  Mastery through dragon dreaming lore is a lifetime project.  Each sequence of dream demonstrates the capacity to forgive, find compassion and find divinity in a wider sequences of happenstance of difficulties.

The circuitry of the cranium for mindset develops through happenstance of dragon dreams that accolade achievement of ascension of genealogical sequences of self.  Ascension is a precarious happenstance that sometimes can be belabored or fail beyond a particular sequence of mindset.  Behavior is the primary indicator of failure as well as success of mindset development.  Behavior is assessed in the life dream as well as dream time sequences of self through dragon lore systems.   Dragon lore systems are a nonphysical dream that watches and witnesses each that is mastering to determine the success of the ascension into the mindset of forgiveness, compassionate action and divine expression.

Dragon aid is a level of dragon lore dreaming for those mastering forgiveness in the life.  As forgiveness is mastered another level of dragon dreaming begins that augments the mastery of compassionate action within.  Dragon dreaming is a multi-level happenstance of mindset leading to cosmic levels of thought-form realized into calibrations of the divine.  Divinity is the sought after goal of mastery amongst dragon dreamers in present time.  Divinity is a state of being that happenstances a beautiful foray of dream that synergizes self with spirit within.  As a state of divinity is mastered, the life happenstances dreams of spirit into the physical foray of possibility.  Matter becomes a divine expression of self in the life.

Conscious dreaming is an attribute of dragon dreamtime.  Dragons accolade to those who consciously perceive and witness their presence to move into beautiful forays of dream happenstance of self.  Dragon dreams surround the field of each who is dragon or dragon aid in nature.  Dragon systems of self provide healing, nurturing, striates of self for the expanding consciousness of mindset, light synthesis systems of transfusion and fables of self realization associated with dragon lore dreaming.

Dragon lore dream fables are numerous in nature.  Each dragon fable happenstances union within and amongst others in a life happenstance of spiritual cause.  Spiritual groups are not only of dragon dreaming accolades of achievement in present time.  Today one out of sixty spiritual groups foray for dragon dreaming in a foray of group happenstance.  The leader of the group must be of a dragon dreaming accolade of self in order for group dragon dreaming to occur.  Most spiritual groups foray demon interplay dreams that triggers competitive strife amongst the leader and participants.  Dragon dreamers learn to pay attention to the leadership of those that they follow to assure non-competition of self that develops a state of forgiveness for all demons of the life circumstance.

Competitive strife is a difficult happenstance for dragon dreamers as followers of any spiritual organization.  Demon leaders often strip accolades of achievement and spiritual happenstance of knowledge from dragon dreamers.  Demon leaders appear wise and knowing due to dragon knowledge procured from others.  Dragon dreamers learn over time to achieve and realize within self rather than following demon interplay spiritual foray of leadership in the present human marketplace.  Choosing to follow self rather than others is the first rendition into dragon aid dreaming mastery of self in the life.

Dragon human leadership was once more commonplace upon earth than in present time happenstance.  Regional and global leadership in the current human marketplace is mostly demon interplay.  The human marketplace is too renderous in other group happenstance to realize and dragon dreaming forays only into the spiritual circumstance of dream at this time.  Many in the current spiritual happenstance confuse success and greed for spiritual mastery.  Spiritual mastery is for development of understanding to forgive and find compassionate relationship unto each and has little to do with success.

Demons do not support dragons.  Demons gather together and often interact in group happenstance as a conduit of harm towards dragon dreamers.  Demons sometimes combine in certain adroit combinations of self to render dragon spirited humans.  Dragon loss of consciousness often is a larger happenstance of today in the spiritual marketplace than actual achievement of self.  The past thirty years have been a dominate demon interplay dream in the spiritual happenstance of humankind.  The poles are about to shift triggering another level of development of mindset that shall augment more dragon dreamers into the leadership of the current spiritual foray of mankind.

Dragon spirited leaders rarely foray for a dream of fame.  In other time periods dragon dreamers could foray for a dream of global presence of self.  Today the foray of demon interplay is too difficult a happenstance and fame generally leads to an early death of those who are dragon dreaming in leadership capacity.  Dragon leadership of presence of self may accolade in small to medium sized occasions with groups that number fewer than one hundred per gathering now and ahead.

Dragon dreamers often feel alone and the group foray of spiritual happenstance allows the presence of other dragon dreamers to accolade with filling the void of loneliness in present time happenstance of realization.  Forays of dreams of community building are difficult projects until dragon dreamers can choose to accolade together for family happenstance in group formations.  In time dragon dreamer communities may accolade together and find harmony and synergy in a group setting.  In present time most community building projects of spiritual nature are difficult happenstance of many demons and too few dragon dreamers to synergize the group.

The global dream is to enter a time of greater light synthesis of self in the coming fourteen years.  Light synthesis is a time of the rising forefront of dragon dreaming accolades of self.  Dragon dreamers learn to light synthesis in support of self realization.  Light synthesis is an act of transfusion that causes synergy of self within the field.  Synergy is a state of being in which self can unite with spirit to accolade expression in the physical foray of dream.

Dragon dreamers are accoladed into the foray of understanding of the nature of your happenstance.  Those of dragon aid nature are also blessed and invited to understand what is shared in this section of materials.  Dragons are beautiful spirited humans that love, care, bless and honor the planet and one another.  Those of this nature are a beautiful happenstance in which synergy of self and the wave formations of tantric systems of self can accolade within. The following two stories address the issues that many dragon dreamers today face within in order to master a state of forgiveness and compassionate action.



Dragon Fable of Forgiveness

Hananua was accolading a sound of a repose of strife.  Her marriage was not right.  She married a non-Hawaiian man Jim who was predisposed to disunity within.  Jim renders her dream of a life of synergy in the islands.  Soon she discovers herself and her daughter relocating to the mainland due to economic strife.  The marriage is not good and the stepson Zachary a mess.  Zachary’s predisposition of demonic lore nature renders a teacher. Soon the school is accolading dis-achievement due to poor grades.  Poor Hananua misses her friendships and ohana of home.

Jim sends Hananua for a trip back to the islands.  Her father is dying of cancer.  Her mother is daft due to the nature the strife of happenstance.  Hananua grieves the loss of her father and his wisdom as he passes.  Hananua packs up her mother to take her back home to the mainland.  Her mother does not wish to go but there is not enough financially to remain in the island style of life.

Hananua struggles with her marriage to Jim.  His family is nearby but is not of service to her.  They cause more strife than not.  Hananua attempts to include them in each family foray of dream. The dragons accolade her to quit and return to where she deeply resonates with her mother and daughter of dragon lore dreaming in tow.  The holiday season is a dream of inconsistent dreams with family arguments causing a separation of Jim and his own kind.  Hananua goes into extreme emotional stress as her mother suddenly passes of a heart attack.  Suddenly she is without support if the parents she loves.

Her daughter age 9 accolades with the dragons to return to Hawaiian lore dreaming soon.  Hananua ponders her existence from within.  She sees how the lack of unity in the cultural foray of her spouse and his difficult family does not serve.  Her people at home appear to know how to synergize and get along.  Family systems of self that are dragon lore cause positive family foray of loving happenstances together.  Hananua deeply grieves the loss of her parents and her island life.

Jim fails to hear her calling to return to her home.  He pushes her into continued di-synergy of self leading to physical ailments of the spine.  The two collide in an argument and Jim causes Hananua to lament a divorce.  The daughter accolades that it is time to separate and find a new life.  Hananua goes deep into her dragon dreaming while asleep and understands the karmic happenstance between her, Jim and Zachary.  Long ago her ancestor met and married a foreign cultural human that only caused strife.  She forgives the nature of the two and how it only leads to plight.

Soon Hananua receives a job offer from an Island hospital where she had worked as a nurse before the layoffs struck.  She accepts the job and she and her daughter create a simple and non-extravagant life home in the islands.  The apartment is small but the air is filled with the smell of plumaria blossoms.  Friends and family share in pot luck Sundays.  The smile returns to Hananua’s face.  She renews appearing once again as age thirty two.

A beautiful island man Keai’li catches her fancy and one that she had known growing up.  The two fall in love and create a new family life if dragib kire batyre.  The three synergizecausing the conception of the fourth, a beautiful little boy.  The daughter enjoys playing with her newfound friend.  The ohana holds them all dear with aunties and grandparents enough to sustain the resources of support.  The holidays are a delight as are other family traditions and celebrations.  Hananua breathes a sigh of relief as she recalls the former occasions of strife in her past marital life.  With each breath she whispers “aloha” to her past allowing the continued dream of synergy to foray into her future.

Hananua’s children mature into beautiful young adults.  Her daughter accolades a dream for university upon the mainland.  Soon she returns with a new boyfriend in tow that reminds Hananua of her past.  Her daughter marries and suffers parallel remorse of strife.  After the birth of the second child, her daughter accolades returning to the island life and her home with her mother.  She returns with her two children.  Hananua and Keai’li embrace their daughter and two grandchildren and the family life returns to an expanded foray of synergy of delight with little ones smiling through the day and night.



Dragon Fable of Compassion

A beautiful Hispanic man Martin is a gifted conquistador at the local dance hall of salsa.  He dances the night away with many beautiful women.  He loves to love and finds a beloved who is beautiful and wealthy to the sight.  Maria accolades achievement of bounty and soon the two marry and drift off into the delight of a honeymoon of synergy.  They venture to Martin’s home along the coast of Mexico.  The sun and sand is so beautiful the two choose to remain near the family of his homeland.

The parents of Martin embrace his new found bride Maria.  Maria is American but of Hispanic ancestry and grew up speaking Spanish at home.  The life is hard in Martin’s region due to economic strife.  Maria is not accustomed to a life of such a dis-synergized plight.  Soon she is pregnant and concerned about medical treatments in Mexico for birth.  She returns home to her parents to deliver the child with the intent to never return.  Martin senses the change but has not enough to follow as the parents do not send funds that include him.

Maria’s parents fear for their daughter.  They fear that Martin somehow abuses her as she shares her stories of non-delight in the happenstance of their married life.  Maria’s parents although Hispanic are far away from the struggles of Mexico in a life in the United States.  They fail to have compassion for Martin and how he grieves the loss of his beloved wife and now his newborn son that he may not see again.

Martin goes deep within to understand.  He knows he loves and sometimes has temperamental systems of self that explode.  He chooses to forgive himself and find compassion for his losses.  He phones his wife and shares of his deep sincerity of the heart.  She cares but is aware of how her family does not support her union or marriage.  She requests a divorce and custody of the child.  Martin feels sad at the dream of loss, but finds it in his heart to agree out of his love for her and his desire for Maria to be happy.

The son Sammy visits Martin upon his eighteenth birthday.  Martin has remarried and has two children age twelve and thirteen.  Sammy fails to understand the financial struggles of Martin’s plight or the nature of the Hispanic style of life.  Everything is to be shared as there is not much.  All are to be cared for regardless of happenstance and through each plight.  Sammy desires a life of financial success casting dreams of becoming a millionaire.  His father accolades to him that the principals of wealth do not lead to happiness within.  Martin is happy with his wife and two beautiful children and the love of the family knits together a dream of synergy that Sammy distorts.  Martin is happy to watch Sammy depart knowing that he may not see him again and that perhaps it was not his truth to raise his son.

Martin goes inward embracing a deeper compassion for those of his ancestry held imprisoned to the economic happenstance of the United States.  Somehow those of his inheritance lose their sense of love and synergy out of the desire to possess too much and not share within the family.  He is grateful for his people and homeland where although sometimes there is economic strife, somehow there is always enough and people pull together to share and care for one another.  He breathes a sigh of grace understanding the divine nature of himself and his people not of the north.



Dragon Summary

Mastery of compassionate action can unfold at any age of life.  It is not the journey but the understanding of the need to forgive and find compassion in all happenstance.  Life changes can unfold into new and positive forays of dreams as forgiveness and compassion flow.  The love of the love within ignites an insurgence of truth in which each is to be of import in the dreams of life.  Each must dream of the fables and tales that are sincere to the self of the self within.  Demons have a particular dream that is not suited to dragons over time.  Dragons find their way to dreaming with other dragons allowing the demons their own path in the choice to forgive and find compassionate action in the life.  Dragons who dream together create divine moments of synergy into greater happenstance of joy regardless of region or economic circumstance.

Dragon dreamers that synergize will call dreams to the group of enough.  Some regions are more prone to dragon dreaming overall than others.  Those regions of dragon dreaming will not host dreams of great wealth amongst the local populations.  Local populations may live with less but always have enough and the dragon dreaming leads to an overall happenstance of greater joy due to the synergy present within the group or ohana.

Dragon dreaming calls dreams to be shared with each.  Dragon dreaming provides enough dream through a distribution system that is non-wealth oriented.  Often people in dragon dreaming regions work hard to sustain enough in the physical and live with less bounty than regions of demonic interplay.  Regions of dragon dreaming do call systems of holiday or vacation where others of greater wealth may visit.  The wealthy seek out spaces to rest and dragon dreaming is a more restful happenstance upon the land than demonic interplay systems of self.

Dragon dreamers are often called to live in regions that sustain dragon dream time.  Sometimes regions of demon interplay can transition into dragon dream time if enough dragon dreamers facilitate such a dream in mastering compassionate action within.  Many regions ahead may return to dragon dream time due to young people entering the world in mindset of compassionate action of self.  Dragon dreamers may find themselves relocating in time to dragon dream time regions that support and sustain the realization of self.

We bless each dragon dreamer that reads of what we have to share.  We invite each to forgive and clear the karmic fabric of self that requires dreaming in close proximity to demon humans.  As dragons find their way to dreaming with one another, a new level of synergy of self can be mastered.  We accolade the dragon dreamers to find one another, forgive the demons and create a life happenstance of joy due to synergy of nature.

In the one of the one within

The Dragon Realm

Dragon Ohana
 The dragon dreamers
 Find one another
 After many years of plight
 In association with the demons
 That fail to synergize
 Or harmonize within
 The night has been long
 But a new day dawns
 As demons and dragons depart
 Leading to a new dream
 In which dragon dreaming is realized
 In the heart


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