Dragon Lore Dreaming

Chapter 5 - Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity

The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha


Dragon Dreamers of Sincerity

The sincerity
Of the dragon
Is a superlative journey
Defining time
In the realms of the heart
In a beautiful foray
Of a unique flow
In which truth may define love
As the preciousness
Of all that is
And all that will ever be
Through time


Dragon Dreaming for Sincerity
Dragons when present are a sincere motion of love and care that fosters union of the two, family or group. Dragons are not present everywhere upon earth. Certain motions foster demon dreaming in many regions. Generally there are pockets of dragon dreaming enclaves in all countries or states. It is important for dragon dreamers to move to enclaves of dragon dreaming to foster mastery and the best possible dreams for the life happenstance.
Life in dragon dreaming renditions the extremes for countless possible notions of strife to become superfluous through time. Superfluous notions cause dreams to align in a synergy of self or between selves. Synergy of selfcause dreams to cease to collide fostering the journey of unity and care amongst dragon dreamers. Dragon dreaming locations are often hotspots for vacations as demons enjoy playing in dragon dreams on holiday. Sometimes dragon dreaming accolades to superlative places such as park lands or open spaces that fosters the divine in spirit. Dragons generally prefer their own enclave in life rather than living in a demonic dream happenstances.
Demonic dream happenstances are far from the care that nurtures the heart of dragon dreamers. Demons are inherently lustful to outright belligerent in notion often demanding their needs above and beyond the needs of each or the whole. Meeting the needs of each and the whole is the foundation of dragon dreaming accolades of self. Dragon dreams foster collaboration and unity even when demons are present in any region. Demons that are terribly un-fortuitous in their ambition to destroy are generally evicted for superlative dragon dreaming regions and move in the physical in time. The loss of the most difficult of demons causes dragon dreaming regions to be a safe place to foster life for dragon based humans.
Superlative notions amongst dragon dreamers are a happenstance of the divine. Dragons are a divine ordering of self that fosters itself amongst humans on the spiritual path through time. Spiritual paths can be religious but generally are an internal force of introspection in order to forgive and find compassion for others. Compassionate action is a mastery level of focus amongst dragon dreamers. Compassion leads to unity concepts in life. Dragon dreamers foster union within and without amongst those that each associated. Dragon dreamers foster one another in each life.
Demons do not foster others. Demons are generally self-centered humans if spoiled in economic times of investment interests of self. Demons are vicious if they have been abused in childhood. Demons are difficult encounters in intimacy as they tend to strip notions potions and lotions of dragons who are attempting to realize self through spiritual focus. Demons can enact crimes of the heart including murder of self or murder in the physical in non-succinct motions in demon dreams.
Demons are less vicious in dragon associated regions. Dragons are better protected in demon unions in living in superlative dragon oriented dream accolades of vestibules in dragon dreaming regions. There are superior and inferior dragon dreaming enclaves in many regions. Superior dragon enclaves spin superlative light motions of synthesis and cause the most succulent of dreams to repose within.
Superlative dragon regions foster light synthesis motion that are divine. The divine motions foster dragon dreamers to find their truth within. The divine motions cause demons to have less power to manipulate dragons in life. Dragons foster themselves best in the care of the heart accolade of self. Care is fostered best in superlative light synthesis motions of the divine. Care is a precious commodity that is easily rendered in demon associated unions or friendships or work happenstance of association. Demons strip dragons to accolade increased power and dream in their life.
Dragon dreams are sincere in the motion of themselves. Sincerity of the heart can motion the opening of the challis of the divine and the development of the love of the love within. As love within is oscillated, dragons assert care into each dream leading to superlative formations of friendship, family or union that is divine in its fostering. Dragon dreaming is not as beautiful as it once was upon earth. The dandering of humans in their foray of toxic waste upon the planet causes an increase of demon dreaming around the world. Dragon dreamers foster a lost system of self allowing for the rekindling of the hope of a new ordering of care for humanity.



Dragon Fable of Peace
Lorie is a little tantric foyer in the local region. Lorie’s dress is always lowcut revealing her ample bosom and her hem is as high as possible without revealing her underwear which generally matches in color just in case. She dances the night away at a local salsa club. The men ooh and ahh as she arrives each night posing her posy on the dance floor, swirling her little bottom to and fro and caressing her bosom graciously against some men’schests and just for fun.
Men seduce her or so they think. Lorie winks and nods as she kisses them good night, wooing them into her bed and life for a time. One new man arrives as the old depart in cycles of about nine months each. Lorie is easily bored with most partnerships over time. She fosters union for the purposes of an increased happiness and journeys to places she desires. Many a holiday unfolds for Lorie who always returns home refreshed.
Lorie’s work happenstance is not her greatest delight. The work in the couture dress shop is divine as she often acquires just the right outfit for her seductive notions of self. The income is low and she barely affords a small studio that is designed as a closet on the go. She continuously finds partners with gracious living habitat but never moves in due to her own in dependent nature. She dreams of a man of wealth and sustenance to foster her desire to procreate in a stable home life with beautiful surroundings.
Bob is an influential news media announcer in the local region. Lorie meets Bob one night at the salsa club. He is attracted and she soon causes her current aplomb of partner to fade from her life. Bob is meeting there quirements of her dream of one of stature, prominence in the community and wealth. She envisions herself side by side in Bob’s life every night. Soon Bob proposes a holiday to an island foray of dream. Lorie is excited but overspends on the right adornments for her boudoir in couture systems of self. Her credit is a disaster but she hopes that it will be offset in the right marital happenstance ahead. Bob is not adroit and knows of her lack ofincome. He desires someone more akin to his own happenstance of wealth.
Bob is not the best of lovers Lorie has ever had. His lack of aplomb is not aconcern of hers. She does caress his flavor of self leading to a relationship over time. Bob is a festive person who is delightful to be in the company of. He entertains many people through his associations but does not feel Loriemeets the standards of his long term partnership requirements. For Bob, this is only a romantic fling until the right partner arises in his life. He informs Lorie upon a return journey from another holiday together that although she is fun, she is not a possible marriage endeavor for himself.
Lorie is disappointed but continues to see Bob for another six months. The union is not the best in the bedroom but Bob is entertained by Lorie’s spontaneity and vivacious nature. Soon Bob is dating again to find  asuperlative mate for himself. Lorie senses his attention elsewhere and fosters even a more vivacious stance in his life. Bob continues to be seduced and intrigued by Lorie’s presence and none of his other possibilities begin tomatch the flavor of herself.
Bob meets one who could be the best superlative partner that fosters a spiritual direction in her life happenstance. Bob is interested in a spiritual foundation in a long term partnership. The two date frequently but Bob cannot disengage from Lorie due to his intrigue with her sensual and festive nature. Soon his new potential partner discovers Lorie’s at the local couture dress shop. Nancy speaks freely about her new man and does mention briefly who Bob is in the local community. Lorie is upset and cannot deal upon her. She consigns the help to someone else feigning a migraine and goes home early.
Lorie chooses to call Bob and request a sincere notion of her own. She is pregnant she thinks but is not really. She requests monthly allowances in support of their child soon to be born and his presence in her life in a marital happenstance. Bob is upset and requests that she abort. She claims she is unclear that she can. Lorie knows that the delusion of her truth of non-pregnancy will only last for a time. She delays the truth for four months but cannot any longer as she is not gaining weight. She claims she has miscarried and requires further support as she is an emotional basket case at work. Bob plays the sweet father like figure for a time and releases Nancy to another possible partnership.
Bob continues to see Lorie but becomes less and less interested. He returns to the potential union with Nancy, wining and dining her frequently, but is not entertained. Lorie seduces Bob again in a foray for a conception. He succumbs and fails to use contraception. Indeed she conceives but Bob fails to believe her due to the prior circumstance. She woos Bob to visit the doctor with her and the tests show positive with the conception having occurred. Bob does not know what to do and chooses to abort the union with Lorie because she will not abort his child, and goes on to cascade Nancy with his love. He proposes at Christmas and Nancy kindly accepts.
Nancy does not aplomb in the bed in Bob’s opinion. He thinks of Lorie as he makes love to Nancy. Nancy is kind and gentle hearted and focused upon her spiritual unfolding. Nancy is beautiful and graceful in appearance but not the entertaining persona Bob imagines himself living with forever. Soon it is apparent that Lorie’s pregnancy is on the way due to her increasing size and weight. Bob feels drawn to Lorie in her pregnant status even more greatly than before. She sparkles in the glow of future motherhood. Soon Bob cancels his engagement with Nancy and chooses to move Lorie into his home intend to support her and the new child at least through birth.
The child is born the summer to follow. A beautiful little girl with large blue eyes and blond hair is presented unto her new daddy. Bob is delighted with the experience of fatherhood. Bob chooses to wed Lorie after the fact and due to some media attention. His boss asks that he make the marriage legitimate due to his public foray of his postulation in life. Bob chooses not for a large wedding and marries Lorie Las Vegas style. Lorie is disappointed wishing for a large engagement and big wedding for herself to aplomb within as his new wife.
Friends of Bob cause a large party in celebration of their union. Lorie dresses the part in sincerity. Her body has expanded due to pregnancy and she renditions herself down to couture size in time adorning herself in style due to the credit card of her new husband. The night is a disastrous experience as Lorie is dejected by one of Bob’s closest friends John. John believes she conceived to imprison Bob and states this to be so at the end of the celebration. Lorie returns home crushed within.
Lorie fails to tell Bob of his friend’s blasphemous remarks. She spends more upon her couture wardrobe to blossom into an very stunning wife to appear wherever Bob’s associations requires. She models each designer wear so that he can be secure that she is the right wife for his stature in life. Bob is not in sincere as Lorie is gorgeous in her new clothing and her figure is sublime given the childbirth. He takes her on two business oriented engagements and she fosters new associations with her jovial and vivacious nature that aid his career.
Bob is sincere in his spiritual fostering and adventures to a retreat in the mountains. Lorie is unclear that she wishes to attend and remains with the child now age four. Little Sissy is the joy of Bob’s life. He loves his daughter but does not care for his wife. Lorie has become increasingly glamorous but distant in the heart. He seeks to make love and she does not wish to conceive again; and is uninterested in his inner needs for affection. Sissyfills Bob’s heart however.
Bob meets a superfluous participant at the event who is gorgeous and talented. Salahie is gifted as a top performer for the guru’s flavor of events with a stupendous voice. Salahie takes to Bob greatly during the event and the two romance into the final evening following her delicious performance. Bob confesses in the end that he is married and loves his daughter but not caring of his wife. He does not plan to depart the union due to the family happenstance. Salahie is sad but not in sincere in her approach unto Bob. She has many interests and it is best for him to foster his own life as he is. She will do the same.
Bob introduces Salahie on camera upon a local talk show and the audience adores her voice and appearance alike. There is a sudden aplomb of her work on a local radio station. An event is scheduled for Salahie to performand is sold out months ahead.. Bob finds Salahie mesmerizing and wishe she was available as she is possibly the love of his life. Salahie is attracted but has other interests outside of Bob’s circle of influence or affluence Bob makes a play for Salahie claiming that he will depart his wife for her. Salahie declines as she has found a new beloved without the encumbrances of a mate and child. She desires a child of her own. Bob is disappointed but continues in his life. He seeks professional counseling to better understand his inner voice and truth. The voice within is guiding Bob to depart the union and find another that is more spiritually adjoined. The counselor strives to make Bob aware of his need to live his truth and fulfill upon his heart’s desire.
Bob is joyous over his now teenage daughter who is more beautiful than Lorie at her sweet sixteenth birthday party. Sissy is cute and devilish at home. She is a cheerleader in high school with great popularity. Many young men choose to date her. Bob is concerned that she will become pregnant and confides his concerns unto the counselor. The counselor suggests he approach his wife with his concerns and Bob does. Lorie shares that she has put Sissy on the pill just in case. He is horrified. To Bob, Sissy is an innocent child of his heart and he desires only the best possible partner for her for life. Lorie has an uncanny understanding of her daughter. Sissy is not a virgin and already has had one abortion. Lorie does not inform Bob of the truth remaining sincere to her daughter’s request of privacy in the matter.
Bob adventures one evening out with his daughter to explore her spiritual perspective on life and relationship. She confides that she has been in love with one boy but he rejected her. She was heartbroken. Bob asks her ift hey were intimate. She says no but they did fondle one another over time. Bob is relieved but wonders if she is on the pill? She says no, it is not needed and she will remain a virgin until she finds the right one and maybe forever. He is unsure of Lorie or Sissy following his conversation and shares of his experience with the counselor.
The counselor Mary is superlative but not a beauty in her appearance. Bob spends many an hour exploring his circumstance of life, family and partnership with Mary. Mary becomes a best friend of sorts and often the two are seen out with one another in the public eye. The attention catches and a media photo questions if the two are an item? Bob renunciates the speculation stating on a talk show that the two are simply best friends. He suggests many seek out Mary as a counselor as she is most gifted.
The truth is a fondness is growing between the two and Mary is hoping that he will divorce and consider a relationship with her. Over time Bob sincerely deliberates over the possibility of a partnership with someone so wise. He considers the influence upon his daughter as a good possibility of support in her life. Lorie witnesses the media attention and chooses to file for divorce. She is having an affair with the attorney and he is going for blood on Lorie’s behalf in terms of the assets of the marriage.
Bob hires a good attorney who proposes a settlement out of court. Lorie’s attorney refuses. The court date is set. Lorie stages a scene for the judge stating that her husband is having an affair and it became public news. She is wounded and desires to be compensated with more than half of Bob’s estate. Bob has recently inherited a large sum from his father’s death; and her attorney is refusing to negotiate. The judge settles the dispute with county law which states a fifty fifty parting of the ways in all circumstances.This saves Bob a large loss.
Bob is wounded and seeks Mary’s company more recurrently. The two choose to holiday over Christmas at a beautiful and superlative resort for a ski adventure. The fire is warm and the wine is succulent. The food is delicious and Mary is a kind appearance in Bob’s mind. He makes love to her and is not disappointed. Mary is present and aware and cares for him in his heart. A year passes and the two marry making a public highlight on the local news. The audience feels the care of the two as the marital photos are offered up by the local press. The two live a beautiful union of superlative dragon formation for life. The daughter adores her new step mother with a deep passion of common interests of spiritual pursuits of self.



Dragon Fable of Care
Beautiful Mariya is a stunning femme fatale of Latin origins of self. Growing up abroad and with wealthy parents of stature, Mariya adventures to the most adroit of private schooling available. Often she is taken to and from school by a chauffeur due to possible security concerns. Her father is a famous entrepreneur of wealth stature of the fortune five hundred foray of dream. Mathew and Marissa are delighted at their daughter’s appearance and integrity at school and in life. The three often travel abroad and sometimes feign public appearances due to Mathew’s stature in life.
Marissa is a magnificent sight at Mathew’s side. Marissa always appears in the most adroit of the couture designer industry wear of high fashion. She wins the attention of the designer magazines causing an entry into the best dressed list of the year. Mariya also catch’s the magazine’s attention and woos them into a photo shoot with Marissa in a mother daughter happenstance of fashion aplomb. The shoot is published and causes Mariya to be auditioned by several media promoters for a possible modeling and oracting careers.
Mariya is sixteen but precious and beautiful with large brown eyes, a perfect complexion and a face that most would fall in love with and a body just asluscious in its curves. The fashion industry is enticed with her beauty and fosters a special photo shoot of a certain designer flavor of wear. Mariya is gorgeous and enjoys the photo shoot and the attention of both her agent and the camera man titillates her senses. The camera man Tom is highly seductive and forays for an evening with Mariya on his own. He is older butenticed with her beauty desiring a sexual encounter if he can foster it.
Mariya is innocent and a virgin. Tom is not in experienced with seducing virgins and has done so with many like her over time. He is less aware ofher family’s stature and fosters a fondling of her breasts following a beautiful dinner of wine, roses and seeming care. Mariya is in love, she tells her mother the next day. Marissa is concerned but allows her daughter another date. Tom is twenty six and perhaps not too old for her in time. Marissa is more concerned about Mariya’s heart.
Mariya does find herself in bed for the first time one rainy night following a beautifully cooked meal prepared in Tom’s apartment. Tom is not wealthy but does care and enjoys the sensual flavor of their union. Mariya is in heaven not as the encounter was unexpectedly painful. She returns home where her mother unexpectedly greets her at the door. Mariya is embarrassed and Marissa instantly knows that her daughter has been seduced.
Mariya does not deny the experience but knows she is underage. Marissa and Mathew take a long consideration to how to proceed over the matter. The case could be considered date rate. Mariya desires only to be at peace over the experience claiming that she chose to be with deliberately to end her virginity. Maybe she was not ready for the experience but Tom is a niceman. She does not choose see him again and the family does not seek legal charges.
Another photo shoot is scheduled and Tom is to be present. Mariya does not aplomb as greatly as she is not happy with his presence behind the camera. Most of the shoot is not published except for one photo of great sincerity that Tom does capture in his heart for her. He cares for her in a deep and sincere way and desires to persevere in a union of the heart with Mariya.
Mariya is available in herself for another encounter but her parents insist that Tom is too old for her. The parents interfere with another possibility of a date between the two. Tom is disappointed but chooses to move on to other possibilities more his age and equally as photogenic. Mariya suddenly realizes that she really cares for Tom. She considers calling him but is not sure how to proceed. Mariya seeks her best friend’s advise. The friend suggests that she consider adventuring to the studio where he works and speaking to him directly to see.
Mariya is unable to go through the suggested approach of her friend. Mariya pines away in her heart for Tom. Tom is unaware of her plighthaving entered a a new union better suited to himself. He loves Lillith who is gorgeous and twenty one in age. The two are romancing on a cruise where another photo shoot is planned. Mariya is also to be present. Soon she realizes that Tom is in love with another and returns to her room only to cry heavily ruining her face for the shoot.
The agent is upset with her face. She is unable to explain all her tears except she is homesick. The makeup artist repairs her face and the most beautiful of appearances of Mariya is fostered on camera. Soon Mariya aplombs as an international model celebrity due to her beauty and family of origin. Although popular, she still mourns Tom in her heart.
Marissa is concerned about her daughter. Since her brief affair she is increasingly incapable of communication and appears extremely depressed and maybe suicidal. A counselor of extreme aplomb is sought after. John is a mesmerizing famous author of psychological subjects. Mariya spends many hours speculating her heart issues and confesses her love of her first beloved and lover. John is sincere, understands and triggers a healing ofher heart. He does not seduce Mariya but desires to, and knows better due to the affluence of her parents.
John is much older but becomes a friend of sorts to Mariya. Her parents trust their time together due to age differences and his role as her counselor. John gently woos Marya into a union divine. The two fall in loveand choose to marry as she turns eighteen. Marissa is not happy about the age difference between the two. She attempts to ward off the marriage so that Mariya can have more time to explore her life in university ahead. John is unconcerned as he has equal fame and the two marry as planned adventuring to Europe for a honeymoon all of his own design. John is twenty years older than Mariya but adores her pure and sincere heart. The two romance for a month and Mariya returns home in bloom within herself.
John chooses that Mariya attend University for her own sake. She chooses an expensive and elite college of only female aspiration. This pleases John who does not have to worry about other suitors of her own age. Mariy agraduates with top grades and carries on in her fashion industry appearances. John is not happy with the fashion industry which is conceited and un-nurturing in her experience. He suggests that Mariya continue on in graduate work and find a career that she loves. He is not inany hurry to have children having two nearing her age in his life already.
Mariya aplombs in art, music, dance and acting. Her skills trigger an audition for a potential film role that she is offered. She is magnificent on screen and in person in her beauty, passion, voice and acting skills. John loves Mariya deeply and is also unsure how all the additional public attention may affect their marriage over time. John is a safe harbor for Marya to bloom within and soon she is offered a leading position in a movie script that really appeals to her within. The film is of the love of the two in a special conclusion of a beautiful union that aplombs. Mariya wins an academy award in her performance the year to follow.
The leading man is not unaware of Mariya beauty. Simon is a hand some leading actor of her age range. He postulates the possibility of a seductive moment in between acts and in the bed and breakfast that the two are resting within between shoots. The two happenstance a romantic moment after a seductive bed scene filmed in the twilight of the sunset on stage. Mariya and Simon wine and dine in a small café nearby and fall into one another’s arms later in the night. Although romantic, Mariya is not fond of sex. The moment of intimacy does not trigger and orgasm for her and Simon is not impressed with her love making skills. Mariya is beautiful only on the camera in a sensual flavor of self and not in person.
Mariya knows in her heart that John is the sincere one for her life. She chooses not to share of her intimate encounter. She worries that she might conceive from the incident and chooses many an intimate moment with John just in case. He is delighted at her sudden interest in sex for a month following the completion of the filming of the movie. Soon Mariya does conceive but knows it was not Simon as the date of conception does not match. She is relieved and now soon to be a mother.
John is excited about another child due to his experience as a counselor and father. He desires to raise the next one in a special manner for his own understanding of fostering children. A book is planned to offer the understanding gained unto others founded upon the childhood years and later teenage years of parenting his next offspring in the aplomb of himself.
The child is a beautiful boy that that looks just like John. Zackery is an ornery little boy that is full of life but trouble some sometimes to play with. John attempts all his psychological skills to find the means to foster Zackery in a new way. Zachery is an extreme example of attention deficit as he begins school. An expensive and unique school is chosen and this works for Zachery. No television, no sugar and a special diet is recommended and Zachery’s attention deficit diminishes just enough.
John is absorbed with his son’s difficulties and begins to write of the strife of parents facing ADD in their children. The new book is a best seller as John is a gifted psychologist. Mariya is busy with her acting career and now has manifest a leading role upon a cable network special series of family life in strife. The series is popular as it addresses difficult family circumstances not unlike home life with Zachery. Mariya‘s success on camera continues to aplomb but the dream with John fades. Zachery takes so much of his attention it is almost as if Mariya has ceased to exist as a concern of John.
Mariya does not depart the union but chooses for an affair for a time to understand her own needs. Larry is a gifted producer but conceited within. He adores Mariya for her gifts, talents, appearance but not herself. Mariya fails to feel understood or nurtured in the affair. The affair does catch the attention of the press and soon John becomes aware of his wife’s interlude outside the marriage. He is gentle but tells Mariya if she cannot concludethe affair he will divorce her. The two speak honestly and Mariya shares of her feelings of desertion in the union. John recognizes the lack of attention unto his beautiful wife; and the two choose to renew vows and recover their flavor of union. The two sail off without Zachary who is left in a Nanny’s care for a beautiful second honeymoon.



Dragon Summary
Dragon dreaming causes measures of self leading to superlative life dreams. Dragon dreaming oscillates in motions of the divine causing fulfillment within. Fulfillment within expressed without experiences the joys of successes in love, family along with work happenstance. Journeys of plight are never superlative in notion. Sometimes there are caustic influences and affluences in superlative life dreams. The union remains through time regardless in the joy of the sustenance of self. Superlative union is a joyous experience amongst dragon dreamers of sincerity of heart.
Sincerity triggers the heart to cascade in a motion divine. Divine motions trigger love to be fostered together along with in other life happenstances that fulfill one’s inner longings and dreams. Love is the beauty of self within that is mirrored without. Beauty is not a function of the physical as much as an inner motion of caring for oneself that expresses itself without. In the care of oneself, beauty emerges as an external motion of love that fosters the appearance of beauty upon the eyes of the beholder of oneself. Self is the beautiful one within that meets the eyes to gaze into the romance of the two.
The love of a sincere heart fosters a union that lasts for a lifetime and allows for consideration of the needs of each to be met over time. The aplomb of the two in sincerity of heart is a dragon notion of union. Union of the two requires the sincerity of heart within each to foster the love of the two. Marital happenstances of sincerity fosters children that sometimes are insincere in the motions of life. Polarity of opposites triggers the variances of nuance of self between family members with some synergizing and others colliding against one another through time.
The two of the expression of sincerity of heart are a dragon dreamer’s best dream of romance leading to life partnership. Sincerity is a special accolade of notion that drives dreams of the two in superlative actions of self. Superlative actions cause the fate of the two to align upon many dimensions leading to a sincere experience and expression of fulfillment within and without.
In the one of the one within
The Dragon Realm



Dragon Preciousness

The preciousness of the dragon
Is a heartfelt desire
To love and care
In an oscillation of sincerity
Of the heart
In a motion of truth
In the caress of the two
As the beloved of self
Of the love of the love
In the challis
Of the divine