Dragon Lore Dreaming

Chapter 2 - Dragon and Demon Lore

The Dragon Realm through Lilliya Nita Maha

Dragons of Truth

 The dragons of truth
 Are a foray of happenstance
 Of the lore of spirit
 Accolading its freedom
 To dance with self of the self within
 In a symposium of mirth
 In the laughter of the girth
 Of a sacred path
 In which the forgiveness and compassion
 Of the dreams I dream
 May manifest

Dragons are a nonphysical presence representing the truth of spirit expressed in the physical.  Dragons resound through humans and natural world wonders that are pristine.  Dragon lore is a symposium of systems of self that relay into human happenstance defining the nature of the expression and experienced of life.  Each human has an expression that is related to dragons or demons in a spiritual lore context of self.  Dragons infuse into humans who love and happenstance systems of resounding compassion and forgiveness in the foray of life.  Demons infuse into all others accolading into systems of self that are not suited to spiritual pursuits.  Dragons are of spirit and demons of the material world happenstance.
Dragons aspire to mirth and happenstances of joy in synergy with self.  Dragon nature is positive with attributes of healing frequencies associated with self.  Self is a fabric of consciousness that allows awareness to occur in the life.  Dragons support awareness through infusion of spirit into the self of the self within.  Dragons guide the self into the deeper understanding and meaning of life.  Dragon spirited humans understand and learn to forgive in the foray of happenstance of circumstance.  As forgiveness occurs compassion develops in the self of the self within.  As compassion develops self-realization occurs and dragon lore dreams are mastered.
Demons accolade to the material pursuit of greed and happenstance of happiness through demon lore dreaming.  Demon lore is for non-realization and non-pursuit of the spiritual path.  Demon lore is not to be confused with anything other than those happenstances that accolade to dis-achievement of self.  Self-realization either is achieved or is not in the life dream.  Dragons accolade to those who shall achieve the spiritual pursuit of existence and demons personify all others who fail to achieve in the spiritual foray of dreams.
In dreams opposites are at play.  Dragon dreams are a presupposition of a spiritual purpose in the existence of life.  Demon lore dreams occur in opposition to dragon lore and to foster the aspirations of realization of self amongst those predisposed to the supposition and theory of the achievement of the spiritual path.  Self is a theory of consciousness of the archetypal nature of each.  Each archetype has a nature that either relays dreams in dragon lore or demon foreplay of self.
Demon nature foreplays with life.  Demons take and use and cause karma in the happenstance due to failure to acknowledge self as a presupposition of spirit.  Demon existence is without the belief in spirit or self.  Spirit is a nonphysical attribute of existence that synergizes the happenstance of life.  Demons perceive life as a physical manifestation that occurs without spiritual direction.  Some demons accolade unto a spiritual path founded upon dogma.  Dogmatic beliefs are not associated with realization.  Realization is about spirit co-existing within material persuiates and this is an attribute of dragon lore.  Demon lore is subject to the basic and intrinsic concepts of existence that fabricate reality founded upon a material only existence.
Both dragons and demons are a nonphysical reality.  Dragons appear as large creatures with snouts that breathe fire, air, water or other gaseous substances, have beautiful eyes that glow with life and sometimes with eyelashes, scales of multi-striated colors of the rainbow, wings that mesmerizingly fly through the field, and legs to land.  Dragons inspire dragon lore of self-realization mastery into human dreams.  Dragons infuse a stratification of consciousness into the self of the self within to provide guidance, wisdom, mirth and understanding of the difficult equations and postulations of the human foray of experience.
Enlightenment requires mirth and laughter in addition to understanding that leads to forgiveness.  As the tears cease to flow, humor is restored and the understanding gained of difficult and traumatic life lessons of spiritual realms can be remembered in laughter and gest.  As the laughter and mirth flows, the lesson is learned and compassion gained.  Compassion is the context of all dragon lore dreams in which each is accoladed unto as an expression of happenstance required to understand and forgive the spiritual life lessons.
Demon lore is intrinsic in the fabric of other archetypal dreams present upon earth due to genealogical threads to existence that fails to accolade self as a realizing attribute of life.  Archetypes from other creations sink into spiritual apathetic lore in which self fails to be acknowledged and spirit fails to accolade dreams for the pursuit of the spiritual path.  Those of demon lore nature take the dreams of those desiring mastery to accolade enough upon the physical plane.  The result is deep lack for many as dreams for mastery are fostered amongst those who cannot master and vie for greed, wealth and fame in lieu of spiritual pursuit.
Greed wealth and fame can acquire hundreds to thousands of dreams of mastery from the dragon lore system of dreaming.  The result is a vast lack of dream for some who experience homelessness or starvation of self.  It is starvation of self that accolades all dreams of difficulty, strife, disease and war.  Self is required to harmonize dreams in the human foray.  Without enough self, spirit fails to descend to calibrate dreams for the whole.  A soulless dream for many humans is the happenstance of the day.  Dragon dreams restore the dance of spirit or soul into the human foray such that a new day of enlightenment may unfold.
Demons are a nonphysical happenstance also.  Demons often appear as dragons without wings.  Demons have scales but do not breathe the elements of air water or fire.  Demons animate humans through infusion into the spine and brain.  Self is not a conscious fabric amongst those who are demon infused.  Demons happenstance dreams through forensic action that draws what is manifest into the life without conscious understanding or capacity to alter the happenstance through forgiveness.  Demons take of the fabric of self infused in dragon spirit lore to happenstance a larger foray of possibility than should be manifest.  As the self of the self within diminishes amongst dragon spirited humans, lack and loss is often experienced.


The Lore of Dragons and Demons

Dragon and demon lore host eighteen possibilities of positive and negative attributes of persona that is expressed in life.  Dragon lore persona is often experienced as a positive human that strives to support, love, idealize dream, accept, unify, heal, synthesize and synergize others.  Dragon spirited humans are driven by spiritual goals chosen in the life dream of the genetics anchored in the womb.  Dragons gather at conception and choose carefully of the ancestral lines of genealogy through time to foster the life happenstance of self-realization.

Dragon lore individuals are born with many keys of postulations and theories of presuppositions for the life dream.  Postulations and theories are created through dragon language known as prose ckantor.  Prose ckantor is a language derived through dragon spirit that is relied upon to direct the dreams of spiritually aspiring humans.  The prose of the life dream direct the life into eight year cycles of dragon lore.  Each cycle of eight years is followed by a time of dragon rebirth in which the life is reassessed and the dream reposed such that the next phase of realization of self and the spiritual mastery associated is accoladed unto.

If the life is failing to realize, dragon spirit may withdraw during a dragon rebirth period.  If the life demonstrates increased awareness of self and postulations of forgiveness and compassion have manifest, the dragon lore dreaming continues ahead for another eight years.  Dragon lore dreams happenstance momentous occasions that fulfill the heart along with difficult moments of strife through which realization of the requirement to forgive can be fostered.  Both momentous occasions of unity and love and difficult sensations of grief and loss are attributes of self of those who dragon lore dream.

Demon lives often lack enough synthesis to foster an emotional foray of understanding.  Demonic attributes may include frustration, anger, judgment, excitement, exuberance, power, powerlessness, boredom and depression as characteristics of the life.  Demon lives do not love as love requires an attuning unto the self of the self within.  Demons do experience attraction through lust which then fosters the lives of others through reincarnation.  Demons demonstrate many gifts over time and are not to be underestimated.  Dragon and demon lore is often filled with difficulties and misunderstandings, disease and strife.

Relationships, friendships and unions between demons and dragons are a part of the theory and presupposition of life amongst those choosing to self-realize in any cycle of dragon lore dreaming.  Self realization calls the demon to the dragon to understand demonic nature.  Demon nature is best examined up close and personal in the dreams of life amongst those who are spiritually mastering to accolade mastery through forgiveness and the birth of compassion.

Demon nature can also be very renderous and partnerships of union can lead to such deep attrition of self that mastery ceases.  Dragon lore humans are best accolading dreams to create union only with other dragon lore dreamers.  Karma for demon lore partners must first be settled in full to assure a dragon partnership ahead.  Dragon partnership is a forensic system of self that accolades renewal into life.  Demon and dragon partnership is a forensic system of self that accolades death of one or the union over time.  The lives of dragons and demons interplay in a series of happenstance that leads to the outcome of the strife.  As the strife is understood and forgiven in each demon and dragon happenstance, and compassion fostered, then the karma between the dragon and the demon nature is complete.

From a dragon lore perception, the purpose of existence is to foster synergy.  Synergy is a state of being in which love flows, union is sustained, the divine nature of each honored, and dreams can flow in a dance of integrity of self through the sustenance of spirit.  Sprit unifies in moments of synergy to realize and also develop along with self in levels of mastery of forensic possibility of truth.  Dragon lore dreaming is to foster self-realization and only for this purpose.  For those accolading to a life of spiritual mastery, the following will define the eighteen natures of polarity between dragon lore and demon lore humans.  The essays to follow will explore life of dragon demon lore in postulations and stories of Lemurian Lore dreams.


Dragon and Demon Self Attributes


Dragon Dreamers:  Dragon spirited dreamers are those who host attributes of self that know how to consciously aspire to dream weaving theory.  Dream weaving theory is a special foray of knowledge that allows dreams to be consciously managed by self of the self within through prose and intention.  Conscious dreaming requires the knowledge base of prose to transfigure dreams into new heights of splendor and purity for realization of self.  Dragon dreamers are gifted at arranging dreams of manifestation of the needs of self and will accolade dreams to others that are friends or special projects in the life happenstance.

Demonic Dream Slayer:  Demon dream slayers harvest the self of others and foray for their dreams.  The dreams of another are generally dragon lore in nature but not always.  Demons slay dreams of self that is expanded in striations of synthesis.  Often demons of wealthier happenstance of abundance or fame can be targeted through dream slaying.  Dream slayer demon persona is a greed based human that values money or other resources over love or life.



Dragon Light Happenstance:  Dragon light happenstance is a pattern of harmonizing the two or many into circumstances of harmony.  The dragon relays for a lighter happenstance for the two or group that accolades synergy amongst those who resonate in the dream.  Those who fail to resonate are left to a foray of different happenstance in group accolades of self.  Those of dragon light happenstance are gifted at gatherings or other venues of dreaming when synergy is required.

Demon Difficult Happenstance:   Demonic difficult happenstance causes dark dreams to accolade into the foray of life.  Sometimes light and dark happenstance of dream is traded between demon and dragon infused humans.  Sometimes the darker happenstance bends and flows to another such that the dragon lore human experiences a dandered and difficult circumstance.  Sometimes the demon receives darkness that is greater than the theory of presupposition of life should allow for.  Dragon difficult happenstance persona are individuals who are dream traders.



Dragon Synthesis of Self:  Dragons synthesize self of the self within into striations of suppositories of self that accolade for the dreams possible to happenstance in association with life and mastery.  Self is an estuary that renews the biology and happenstances each dream.  Loss of self leads to aging or disease and lack of dream.  Dragon natured humans that synthesize self aid those who have lost self in mending such that dreams may foray as intended in the life.  Dragons of synthesis accolade achievement of self-realization in a vast knowledge base of spiritual understanding of self.

Demonic Dis-Synthesis of Self:  Demons that dis-synthesize self un-stratify the fabric of consciousness such that others lose awareness in life.  Those who lose consciousness may witness as loss of spiritual achievement over time.  Spiritual achievement is a self-realization attribute in which consciousness expands as mastery occurs through forgiveness and compassion of life happenstance.  Those that lose consciousness fail to forgive as a result of the loss of self leading to difficult karmic happenstance over time.  Demons are not suited to self-realization and exist in a karmic estuary dreaming only lives of drama and trauma without forgiveness.



Dragon Fostering of Self:  Dragons foster the life direction of dream into pursuits of forgiveness for the purposes of mastery.  Dragons that foster aid other dragons in the manifestation of dreams for self-realization purposes.  Dragons that foster call particular demons and dragons into the life to understand spiritual attributes of self requiring forgiveness.  Dragons that foster oscillate motions of synergy into the dreams such that they happenstance as intended through prose ckantor hypothesis of self.

Demon Mind Bend of Self:  Demons mind bend through oscillations of waves that spiral and tweak or distort the minds of those who dragon dream.  Sometimes the mind bend leads to dreams of chaos in which strife or emotional upset is experienced.  Sometimes the mind bend leads to attrition of self in which hopelessness, powerlessness or loss is experienced amongst dragon dreamers.  Sometimes the mind bend leads to insanity or dreams of violence if extreme.  Mind bend is a function of will of the demon to enforce a particular experience into the dream that suits the demon lore human.  Mind bend is an act of control over the happenstance through altering the mind waves of another that attract another dream other than what was to be experienced.



Dragon Lore of Self:  Dragon lore of self sustains the scripts of the dreams of encounters in life that are mastery associated.  Lore is a subject of scripts enacted through a cast of characters in the stage of life.  Dreams are living movies with a cast of characters that relate in one way or another to each other or the group.  Dragon lore humans restore the scripts to resound in sequences of mastery over self. Mastery of self will call dreams of divine interest to strife to be experienced in order to understand and forgive and develop compassion as an intrinsic attribute of self.  Those of demon lore are attracted to the life happenstance to cause the strife necessary to realize in the pursuit of dragon levels of mastery.

Demon Lore of Self:  Demons anchor scripts founded the material world pursuit of happiness through greed and lust.  Demons desire to be happy and playful but due to the polarity of darkness of the lore associated often happenstance dreams of dispute.  Dragons who relinquish lore to demon infused humans will lose the dreams of their own mastery.  Sometimes this occurs in marriage or partnership and the dragon dreamer moves off course trading the possibility of mastery with the demon spouse or beloved.  Dragon lore fails to cause realization in demon systems of life and the two live a material world happenstance as a result.



Dragon Beauty of Self:  Dragons that beautify self transfigure the dream into rapturous momentous occasions of accolades of synergy in which love, forgiveness and compassion can flow.  Dragon lore relies upon transfiguration of dreams as prose to enhance the moment as well as understand and forgive.  Beautification of dream causes more light to flow to illuminate that which requires forgiveness to foster mastery of compassion of self.  Illumination of dream brightens the happenstance forayed for such that dragon dreamers can synergize into momentous occasions of greater synergy.

Demon Narcissism of Self:  Demons of narcissism transfigure themselves to be the most beautiful of all; or transfigure the admired and famous one at the expense of all others who feel diminished in their presence.  Demons of narcissism presupposition can disfigure others.  Disfiguration dreams if caught in the physical can lead to an accident that damages the body.  Disfiguration in the womb can lead to a child born with a birth defect.  Those who receive transfiguration into beauty that are not of dragon lore can become narcissistic in nature.  Narcissistic nature accolades a dream of happenstance in which one is more important than all others.



Dragon Soul Infusion:  Dragon soul infusion allots spirit unto those mastering in dragon lore dreams.  Soul infuses into the self of the self within to realize in conjunction with the life.  Soul infuses the fabric of the self in a foray of love that allows for the renewal of self.  The love of self spills over the physical vessel allowing for a renewal of the biology and a sensation of being cared for in the life.  Dragons that infuse soul are gifted at aiding other dragon dreamers in fulfilling upon the spiritual goal of mastery.

Demon Soul Diffusion:  Demon soul diffusion involves the act of rendering spirit.  Demons can render spirit by disbanding the labyrinth that soul infuses into self.  Demons can render the self of the self within such that soul has nothing to infuse into.  A soulless condition is one that is a natural state of being for those of demon lore.  For those who are of dragon lore, the loss of soul is a happenstance of deep confusion.  The loss of self is a circumstance of deep grief of an alone and isolated state of being.



Dragon Lore Systems:  Dragon lore dreams require systems of self to accolade unto.  Dragon systems lore humans help retain and reweave the fabric of dragon lore systems such that the dreams of mastery in life may unfold.  Dragon lore systems contain scripts for dragon lore dreaming that are infused into the life happenstance to catch a sequence of dreams that lead to mastery of self.  Dragon lore systems are a postulation and theory of the life acquired prior to birth and due to the genetic fabric fostered in the biology.  Dragon lore systems can be restored if rendered in a bad happenstance of fate allowing continued mastery to unfold.

Demon Lore Atrocities:  Demon lore atrocities are a system of fate that oscillates dreams that are karmic sequences only.  Dragons who befall demon atrocities may dream only dreams of karmic happenstance that may not foster forgiveness or compassion or mastery over self.  Those self-realizing befalling demon lore atrocities may discover that forgiveness fails to alter the dream although accomplished.  Demon atrocities are difficult to happenstance through if the consciousness if the body is unaware of self or self has become rendered.



Dragon Love Accolades:  Dragon love accolades is a system of dream that allows moments of synergy and union to be fulfilled upon in the life happenstance.  Moments of synergy and union lead to the sensation of fulfillment of purpose and an internal sensation of love of the love within.  Love of the love within is a union between the male or Tao and female or Dao in a series of oscillations of self.  Dragon lore dreaming achieves mastery over self in momentous occasions of love and synergy that accolades into the life.

Demon Fantasy:  Demons accolade dreams of love and union that are fantasy based.  Fantasy of love fails to host a synergy between hearts or the motions required to cause a union divine.  Demon fantasy of love is lust based.  Dragons understand the forensics of love that reposes in the nervous system.  Love that is authentic repose between the two bodies and fields in a foray of synergy.  Love in a happenstance of fantasy fails to repose and the body of the dragon dreamer knows that it is only an encounter of lust; or a friendship that fails to love.



Dragon Life Force:  Dragon life force is a series of instruments that accolade energy to dragon dreamers through forensic action.  Forensic action is a nervous system repose that synergizes and triggers a reaction within or within another that energizes self.  As self energizes the forays for a dream of renewal of the biology that allows life force to be restored.  Life force can be equated to spark that causes the systems of the energy flow of the field to be enhanced.  As the field sparks up in its light synergy the octave achieved in the evolutionary fulfillment is sustained.

Demonic Vampire Action of Self:  Demons fail to host self that can relay a dream for renewal of the biology.  Demons tend to take chi from earth or others in the life happenstance to renew.  The loss of energy can be great leading to a sensation of tiredness when dragon dreamers spend time with those in demonic lore systems of lore.  Sometimes dragon lore humans sustain demon lore humans in close proximity in life.  The result is a failure to renew as greatly as the dragon dreamer could causing aging and disease.  Dragon dreamers are best in close proximity to other dragon dreamers to renew and sustain the realization of self into greater levels of mastery.




Dragon Unification:  Dragon unification is a mindset action that causes unity to be perceived by self.  As unity is perceived by the dragon dreamer, dreams accolade in a synergy that causes forgiveness to repose as a forensic response to the life happenstance.  Dragon unification is a repose in the nervous system that can affect others.  Those gifted at the repose of unification can oscillate a motion that causes others to repose in unity.  Often dragons cause unification of those in demonic lore dreams for short time periods.  Dragon lore humans that attempt to unify a demons over extended periods often lose the capacity to hold their evolutionary mindset or carry on in the choice to master due to forensic exhaustion.

Demon Separation:  Demon lore separates and divides through mindset that oscillates in systems of hierarchical structures of non-self.  Hierarchical structures cause a few above and many beneath and those in power are worshipped.  The one worshipped separates and divides the clan into those that serve and those who fail to serve leading to a loss of wholeness in the dreams of life.  Separation and division is an accolade of dis-achievement of self amongst dragon dreamers.



Dragon Forensics of Health:  Dragon lore dreamers achieve forensics that sustain health and renewal of self.  Forensics is an oscillation of nervous system repose that causes cells to renew to sustain the mastery of self.  Forensics of health is a dragon dream lore happenstance that can be dis-synergized leading to a failure to renew.  Synergy of all motions of forensics is required to sustain health.  Life happenstance often involves encounters with demons who renew as a result of dis-synergizing dragon lore dreamers.

Demonic Forensics of Disease:  Demon lore dreams fail to create a forensics of health beyond a certain age of life.  The lack of a self of the self within is by at large the cause as dragon lore of dreaming fails to renew.  Demons age and become ill over time and rarely live an extended lifespan.  Dragons that share the repose of health diminish the lifespan in trade for the demon to be sustained in the physical.  Sustaining a demon in the physical is a dis-achievement of self in mastery over dragon lore dreams.




Dragon Truth:  Dragon truth is sustenance of self of the self within to repose as the Dao and Tao united in forensics action as an expression of the love of the love within in as an expression of divinity in motion.  Dragon truth is a spiritual aspirants truth and not the truth of each incarnate.  Dragon truth accolades to one out of a hundred in most happenstance; and only one out of one thousand may ever achieve through self realization.  Demon interplay is the main cause of the failure to achieve.  Dragons may require separation from demonic interplay to realize self in the given life.

Demon Dogma:  Demon lore has spiritual interests that tend to be dogmatic in nature.  Dogma can be defined as repose of truth that fails to evolve.  Evolving truth synergizes into ongoing change through transformative arts and transfigurative knowledge base.  Dogma may mimic an evolving truth but the failure of self to develop causes whatever truth mastered to repose as dogma over time.  Truth that stagnates failing to evolve only reposes in a system of thoughts that never alter.  Most spiritual teachings today repose into dogma after the initiation inspiration is realized.  Those realizing will continue to inspire with new actualization throughout the life.




Dragon Adroit Language:  Language of self is adroit.  Adroit language is succinct to the happenstance in the definition of the experience to be forgiven and the realization attained in the mastery.  Adroit language synergizes self of the self within with spirit in dragon lore dreaming for the purposes of mastery over the life happenstance.  Adroit language is fulfilled upon in light wave mindset development for the purposes of understanding the nature of light synthesis of mastery.

Demonic Language of Polarity:  Demon language is a non-succinct development of words that define polarity happenstance in life.  Polarity is founded upon right and wrong, good and evil, life and death, self and non-self, realization and non-realization.  Demon polarity thoughts oscillate in a motion of alpha and beta mindset when awake and theta mindset while asleep.  Dreams are experienced only as expressions of polarity in demon lore as realization dreaming requires the presence of the self of the self within to oscillate the motion.  Development of thulsa, thossa, thessa, aliska, oska, sesska and sisska mindset allows the self to be present while awake and asleep in conscious dream accolades to synergize understanding to allow life lessons to be understood, digested, forgiven and blessed.  The mindset beyond oska requires polarity thoughts to conclude within.




Dragon Repose of Self:  Dragon repose of self is a succinct exchange of forensic actions between physical and nonphysical systems.  Self reposes the language of self in adroit context to the biology to sustain the mindset development in self-realization accolades of achievement along with physical renewal.  Self repose requires a state of synergy of the heart mind connection of interplay in the mindset mastered.  Self is an adroit sensation of expression that allows the dreams to unfold in the mastery of life.  Dragon repose of self synergizes the self of the self into the love of the love within.

Demon Repose of Non-Self:  Demon repose of non-self is the continued acknowledgment that there is nothing else than the physical existence as a forensics response to life.  The forensics of demon humans is one of attunement unto the physical plane in adroit sensations of happenstance of dream.  Non-self is a fabric of demon lore that causes intelligent humans to suspect that there is nothing beyond the physical nor is there spirit to accolade the journey into a mastery happenstance.  Demons who accolade to spirit seek a foray of guidance for material interests and pursuits.




Dragon Archetype:  Dragon based archetypes are relayed from the system of self.  The archetypal blueprint is accoladed unto in the early stages of self-realization.  As the archetype is anchored the knowledge and languages along with keys begin to flow that is of an ancestral  repose of information for the purposes of mastery.  Archetypes can be disfigured and misconfigured, traded and lost in a manner that the knowledge base fails to flow.  Dragon dreamers who experience the loss of archetypal knowledge base often lose insights and sometimes fall off the path of realization.

Demon Non-Archetype:  Demons sustain a non-relationship to the archetype of birth.  Some demon lore realize self to a point of achieving a brief archetypal relay of self.  If the relay of the archetype fails to sustain self, self-realization cannot be reposed into the dragon lore dream and demon lore life resumes.  Dragons pay special attention to the formation of archetypal sequences of dreams to assure that the body realizes itself in a foray of forgiveness and compassionate action happenstance.  Sometimes dragon relay of archetypal knowledge base flows to a demon leading to a life of non-realization.



Dragon Coats of Honor:  Dragon coats of honor is a system of self-protection through accolades of expansion and achievement of self.  Dragon coats are a formation of layers surrounding the self of the self within that enforces the law of the Tao.  The law of the tao sustains self in a forensic action that reposes self is to be honored.  Honor of self requires absolute forgiveness and accolades of compassion to be achieved before rewarded.  Dragon coats allow demon interplay to be returned so that self of the self within ceases to be manipulated or rendered.

Demon Dishonor of Self:  Demons dishonor self through many degrees of disfiguration.  Demons can barbiturate self such that it becomes drugged and ceases to fulfill upon realization.  Demons can dander self until it ceases to be aware or grow as a fabric of consciousness.  Demons can sustain a dream that oscillates in forensics that break up the dragon coats awarded in sincere mastery.  Demons that dishonor sometimes occur in guru formations where the self of the self is achieved through taking the conscious fabric of others.  Gurus host a conscious formation that is not derived through realization and therefore an act of self dis-achievement of mastery in life.



Dragon Transfusion:  Dragon dreams lead to light synthesis in an oscillation of self known as transfusion.  Transfusion is an act of light synthesis that causes awareness of self to expand.  Light is required for the fabric of self to expand.  The expansion of self requires light to synthesize knowledge into new striations of fabric of self.  Self oscillates to know and understand and retrieve information striated into the field.  Loss of striations of self lead to loss of knowledge base required to transcend.  Transfusion is an act of forensics that infuses light into the structure and field through motions of waves.  Wave motion is mastered in octaves of mindset notion and achieved as the fabric of self synthesizes itself into the authenticity of self.

Demon Diffusion:  Demon action diffuses light synthesis in a series of motions that cause transfusion to be minimized or cease amongst those dragons realizing self.  Demon diffusion is a system of rendering the systems of transfusion.  Transfusion systems are elaborate undertakings of development to cause the field and form to light synthesize.  Transfusion systems are easily lost leading to the loss of the capacity to sustain the octave achieved or the capacity to continue to self-realize.  Demon diffusion is a happenstance of guru knowledge that diffuses others to transfuse themselves without development of field.  Guru transfusion leads to incomplete transfusion that has caused great karmic happenstance of strife to the physical plane.


Dragon Lore Summary

Dragon and demon lore is complex.  The complexities act out in life whether or not one is self-realizing.  Demon and dragon lore are an anthology of the ordering of dreams of the human system of self.  If self is not recognized in the body it is extrapolated in its lore in other layers of the field.  Those that self-realize anchor the layers where the dragon and demon lore occurs into physicality and then realizes the lessons behind encounters through time.  Those who do not realize during the life fulfill upon the acknowledgement of the patterns in post life review.  If a demon fails to understand in the life he or she will understand post death.

Post life review is a complex happenstance of greater understanding of self, anthology and the dance between humans.  Post life reviews can take upwards of 100 years in time or longer depending upon levels of realization to be achieved prior to the next incarnation.  Incarnations of demons can be realized post life and then reincarnated into dragon lore the life to follow.  There is no end to realization and when complete upon earth, archeological sequences of archetypes adventure to other creations of postulations of existence to reincarnate.

The postulation of existence upon earth is one of extremes.  In the extremes there is love and hate, war and peace and health and disease as the main attributes of self to understand and forgive.  Those realizing through the difficulties that the polarity of earth represents are brave archetypes that desire to master creation theory of the Tao and the love and compassion of the Dao.

Creation theory begins with a presupposition that destruction is forbidden of self.  Destructive acts are an anthem upon earth and those realizing come to understand the need to create without destructive intent.  The intent is so deep that it pervades all layers of each field throughout the life.  Those realizing will adventure through all destructive sequences that can be mastered in the life and carry on post death realizing whatever can be only to reincarnate upon earth or somewhere else.

The Dao and Tao represent the dance of the feminine and masculine in its deep pervasion of support of self to acknowledge itself and realize through time.  Dao is feminine and nonverbal adroit emotions of self; Tao is the masculine and verbal adroit communication of self.  Dao and Tao unite into sequences of dreams that foster a union divine for the purposes of realization in all precincts and regions of the field.

Realization is a dragon and demon lore theme upon earth.  Those realizing in the east may be more familiar with the concepts of self than the current exploration in this essay.  This essay is to present the basic systems of self that the dragon lore theme realizes within.  Future essays will explore stories of dragon and demon lore humans and how they rendition and realize self in its mastery of the life happenstance.  The stories will be simple to profound to explore the issues self realizes in dragon and demon lore concepts.

Dragons and demons learn to love one another over time.  As love unfolds then mutual appreciation for the variety of roles in human happenstance occurs in both physical and nonphysical attributes of life.  As all demon lore attributes are appreciated and loved, the lore alters to  another system that is less extreme and not founded upon love and hate, life and death and health and disease as opposites.  The second level of lore will be explored as the stories complete for the first level ahead.

The dragons represent a conscious foray of exemplification of self-realization in action.  Self-realization is not an eastern system; it is a human system that prevails in all creations that humans exist.  The stars are filled with adroit creations that also realize self in anthology that parallels.  Some anthology is more sublime and less happenstance upon destruction.  Happenstance founded upon destruction may be the most difficult anthology to work through as self.  For those that are self-realizing, you are blessed by the dragons that appreciate your courage to explore your dreams within.  The following prose is for those dragons realizing self in this place of extreme polarity known as earth.



The Dragon Realm

Dragon Dreamers

  The dragon dreamers
 Are the one
 Of the love of the love within
 Expressed as a divine challis
 In an existence through time
 Gaining understanding
 Of the compassionate plight
 To seek know and grow
 Through realization of self and soul
 In the life
 Of the Tao and Dao within


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